DIY: Minor Bumper Work

Just sharing, I made a couple minor changes this week. I powdercoated the little front braces this cool new translucent color i recieved called “Ebony Chrome.” I thought the annodized aluminum stood out wayyy to much over the dark body color.

I also pulled my fog lights out (since I never use them), enlarged my brake ducts, and cut up a mesh grill from my original bumper, plastic welded the mesh in to fill the voids. I put the splitters on for the picture while i try to sell them…i don’t think i like 'em.

Also threw a 3M clear bra on… as everybody knows…that was a bitch.

what i looked like a last week.

does plastic welding = Fusor?

:tup: the braces look way better now, they’re closer in shade to the paint now

looks good… yeah, those braces always did stand out too much, good mod :tup:

how do you put on one of those clear bras? (no smartass answers anyone…)

Nice! Overall a much nicer look with the mesh in the side ducts. And Klemann wanted you to put the foglights back in… :bloated: :stuck_out_tongue:

klemann will do anything to get me to fill a hole :gay:

Denton: The plastic welder i have actually melts the plastic as I add a filler rod of similar plastic, just like regular welding (minus shielding gases)

ghettostyleTA: Clear bra is super easy over surfaces that are conmplex or have complex curves. It doesn’t stretch very well, so you usually need to make relief cuts or chose how to cut your 3M pieces (if you don’t buy them pre cut). Basically use lots of Alcohol/water mix to keep the adhesive lubricated until you get it posistioned. Squeegie the air bubbles out and, set it…and forget it.

Looks great as always josh. It was cool seeing it before at your house the other day off, and now done. Well done man.

pimp you do so sweet ass work :tup:

very nice

:tup: to you sir

yo me and my buddy boarderx192 saw u yesterday with the s4 we wer ein the white prelude

will you stop fucking with that front bumper already ? holy hot damn :slight_smile: lol

looks good man :slight_smile:

Looks really good :tup: I like the eyelids too on the headlights.

As always nice work man :tup:

sell me your car.

you never ceast to amaze me. nice work josh!

just when i thought your couldn’t get any hotter…nice job Josh :wink:

I’ll make sure Klemann sees that one. CLASSIC! :smiley: :tup:

Good job on the bumper. The 3M looks pretty good from the pics too, I can barely see it.

where did you buy the plastic mesh??

read son read. Lafengas said “cut up a mesh grill from my original bumper”

Durrr, which way did he go, George, which way did he go??!?!?!?!?

When did I say for LAFENFAG to put his faglights back in?