DIY: Revised navigation/dvd faceplate.

I wasn’t completely happy with a previous DIY. The look, eventhough the colors matched my trim… looked like the screen was just thrown into a hole. I revised my previous faceplate and molded the touchscreen faceplate in the CF one I made.

If I could find a way to change the silver buttons to black and still have them backlit I would, but as for now, the silver buttons stay silver.

so here’s the latest. I’ll show the steps of the process for those who wish to attempt similar projects. otherwise, i’m not going to get into much detail

What my center console was like on the dealer lot:

my first modified attempt:

And the way it sits now:

much nicer.

Incredible… :tup:

damnit…why is it so hotTt…damn u and your magic hands…

:tup: nice F-in work, looks great :tup:

wow great job :tup:

Thats hot, good job

another good job from laffengas.

word, looks good… =P

tell me about it :snky:

WOW :eek:

Great work as usual

that turned out great :tup:

what kind of filler are you using on those seams?

yea what he said! holy crap that turned out amazing

:tup: Looks stock (that’s a good thing) :smiley:


looks amazing t-up

Whatd you use to mold the seam just bondo?

thats what i asked. it looks more like a finishing putty.

i hate you.
that looks so good.

for the final seam i used a glazing putty and spot putty. To hold the pieces together at the seam I made my own mixture of putty/epoxy/graphite strands/kevlar strands. This same mixture worked pretty good on my robots…so i’m sure it’ll work well now.

heh you said putty

did you ever get the soound working correctly on the dvd palyer?