DIY: wire harness cleanup

well one of the goals for my car this year was to clean up some of the wiring, and i was looking around on the internet and stumbled across this place in florida that sold some braided nylon tubing . and decided to give it a try here is my write up.

braided nylon tube in whatever size you may need
shrink tube
electrical tape

flat head screw driver

this is how my coilpack harness looked when i started.

here is the material i used.
i bought 1/4" and 1/2"

first make sure you make good notes on which wires go where in the plugs because unpinning them is the next step

then to unpinning, to do this particular plug you must first take the inside cover off my gently prying back the prongs that hold it in, and push the cover off from the botom.

then do the same thing to each of the wires and slide them out of the bottom of the plug.

after i did this i cut the old jacketing off of all the wires, it should look like this when your done.

then i go through and put electrical tape around the wires i am going to cover ( you can go without this but you can see the colors of the wires through the nylon braiding)

slide the the braiding over the wire, and figure out what length to cut it at. cut the braiding and slide it back on.

then get a piece of shrink tube and cut it to your desired size slide it to the end and shrink it.

after this you go back to the plug end of the wire and put another piece of shrink tube on shrink it, and put the plug back together.

thats pretty much the basics. here is what my harness look liked finished.

and a before and after


good luck!

looks pretty good…post some pics of the bay

Now thats pretty damn sexy little things like that go along way.

I bought a 6 pack of hockey tape when I did my engine bay.

coo… looks good

i did something similar today on my dads car from what circuit city called a wiring job. it was laughable

Nice write up!

looks good, i used the same stuff in my truck, k&s sells the whole kit of that stuff with tons of sizes and it totals like 50ft…around 30 bucks or so…

Did you remove wiring, or just re-loom it?

Def looks cleaner.

thanks guys. neonglh are you talking about for the rest of my engine bay? if so i reloomed some and moved some things into the cabin. this weekend i will be moving the fusebox under my hood either to the trunk or under the dash. pics to come.

too much work.

I feel like the 4>1 junction could have been a little cleaner…

Looks great, engine shots?

I am pretty sure he is asking if you took out any of the length(slack) of wire, that’s what usually is done in these scenarios.

wayy to much work. hell i dont even wash my engine bay…

I just wasn’t sure if the goal was to simply re-loom, or if you were eliminating wires in the harness. I posted up a wire harness simplification a few years back where I took the engine harness out of my car, and removed almost half of the wiring to save weight and bulk, and then re-loomed it.

It was a pain in the ass, but it was so nice having the harness be half the size it was stock, and be neat.

^^^^which is why i rewired my truck and cut down the wiring a good 75% when i did my swap. interested to see more of this…

i just did this to clean it up. this particular harness is underneath the coilpack cover anyways and will not be seen. but as for the fusebox, it is something ive wanted to do scince i got the car. me and my buddy are going to do it this weekend. should have it done in 2 days. i got some downtime while im waiting for parts to put my motor back together so why not. here are some pics of my engine bay last year.

your car is so clean <3 it

A lot of time and money in there, she has come along way. I remember sitting in his garage when this project just began, its like night and day. Never took a short cut either lol