does anyone have large amounts of land??????????

just wondering if anyone has large amounts of land no furthur than 40-50 min from west seneca???

ok, there has to be a reason…

and i need to know…

im trying to throw a party for my frend who is comming home from iraq and i was supposed to have it at my moms house in springville but she decided on no cause she doesnt feel “comfortable”, in which i dont blame her. but most of my frends are of age. im suppsoed to have live bands, jello wrestling,camping(so no1 drives home drunk) and a bbq. i mean i can even pay someone when the party is said and done.

thats a pretty cool idea :tup: goodluck

we were going to do it at my families land, as we have 40 acres of out own, in the middle of state woods , anything that makes less noise then shooting a 22 can NOT be heard out at the street

but theres no power at my cabin, parking would have to be over an 1/8th mile away in the feild b4 the woods, and its a full hour away from my house here in west seneca … let alone driving from the north towns

thanks nick…i already knew that :bloated:

i wasnt talking you you :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a decent amount out of erie county :wink: but i don’t think my parents would go for it considering even i would only know like 5 people lol

My friend’s dad has 180 acres in Gowanda. :slight_smile: BUT he is protective over his lands lands.

my family has a haunted mountain, but you wouldnt want to go there

is it like snake mountain, or castle grayskull?

definitely Grayskull.

I have to defend that shit.

OK, maybe its just a really big hill in Olean

Anyone that has large amounts of land is most likely going to be smart enough to not let strangers party there.
This is NY, the lawsuit capital of the entire universe.

LOL @ Jack and his magic sword.

X… :lol:

shhhh right now I am Prince Adam… until I call upon the powers of GRAYSKULL

lol @ castle greyskull… i think i still have one of those at my parent’s house in their basement…

(stewie voice) “it’s good to have land”

my dad and uncle own some land in angelica… but thats a bit to far

we should go check out a couple places again like we did last year

I have 64 acres in Lancaster…and I am willing to rent it for about 1,000,000 dollars but I have thrown the party of the century on that land and had over 400 people there and I refuse to let that achievement be surpassed :slight_smile: GL tho

i had over 400 @ my grad party.