Drake #InMyFeelings (And Birdbox) Challenge









Ugh the cringe if he woulda fell.


I enjoyed it the second time after being scared watching it the first.


Now we have the “Birdbox” Challenge

The challenge that inspired the crash spurred from Netflix’s new movie, Bird Box , which broke Netflix viewership records and became a huge meme online. The movie basically revolves around an invisible-to-the-viewer monster that, when seen, causes most people in the movie to kill themselves, meaning what’s left of the human race has to do things blindfolded in order to avoid it.

Because a future where the remaining members of the human race have to do things blindfolded in order to dodge invisible monsters is completely plausible, people started filming themselves trying it out and posting the videos online.


Whoever drives intentionally with a blindfold on while on a public road and is caught/causes an accident should receive license suspension of 5-10 years.

This is insanity.