Driving a standard correctly:

1.IntroductionIntroduction. (8.7mb)

2.Seating Position.Proper Seating Position (9.4Mb)

3.Gentle Launch - How to start when you’re just relaxing.Gentle Launch (10.3Mb)

4.Moderate Launch.Moderate Launch (6.2Mb)

5.Aggressive Launch.Aggressive Launch. (7.7Mb)

6.Upshifting, Part 1 - A discussion of the objective.Objective Of An Upshift (8.3Mb)

7.Upshifting, Part 2 - See it, hear what it should and shouldn’t sound like.How To Upshift (7.4Mb)

8.Single clutch, rev-matched downshifts.Single Clutch Downshift (7.4Mb)

9.Double-ClutchingDouble-Clutch Downshift (15.9Mb)

10.Heel and Toe, Part 1 - A discussion of the technique.Heel and Toe Braking Principles. (9.1Mb)

11.Heel and toe in actionHeel and Toe Demonstration. (8.4Mb)

12.Putting it All Together, Part 1 - A quick tour of a very short road.Putting It All Together, Part 1 (10.7Mb)

13.Putting it All Together, Part 2 - A quick trip with launch, up and downshifts while pushing hard. Includes a demonstration of power-on oversteer, and the ease with which the M5 can be gathered back up, even with DSC off. Hint: watch it a second time and watch the keys for an indication of G forces…Putting It All Together, Part

I need to brush up on my driving cause I suck at it. :slight_smile:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v202/Cuban_Crisis/tup.gif good find amigo

the videos were tight but sucked b/c like only one was subtitled…hearing problem uno

links no worky

OooOOoooO someone went straight to the aggressive launch…

the vids are all on google now heres the videos page


they make hrd launching look so easy. yet, everytime i have attempted it in a stick, i freekin stall it!

It’s the long, skinny pedal on the right - you might want to use it a little more :slight_smile:

or mayb i need to try launching on a car that actually has some power lol.

i have all these vids saved if anyone wants them

im glad i watched those videos and DIDNT go “oh, so thats how you’re supposed to do that” lol

where’s the one about shifting from 5th to 2nd?! :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone knows you shift 5th to 1st when cornering lol.

nah, you probably just dumped the clutch and held the throttle at the same level. you have to let the clutch out while giving it more gas simultaneously. its tricky business, especially on an awd car.

since when is 1400 a hard launch?? lol I think I usually had to be at 4K+ to even consider it a launch at all in the mr2, and I havent launched the scoob yet but i image that will bog even harder


Didnt he “hard launch” at 4000?

Hard launch = launching off the limiter FTW

fixed for you