Dudes gotta a gun!

I could not stop laughing at this video so I had to post it…

Last night there was a show on MTV about how the Black Panthers used to walk around with rifles and shotguns until they were stopped by Governor Reagan.


People are so ignorant.

God I hate MSNBC.

Agreed, what a garbage network.

The man was ENTIRELY within his rights to be there with a firearm. He is a responsible gun owner who was following the laws. i don’t see any problems with it at all.

wait, wat?

Oh jeez, I was expecting him to be holding a shot-gun in one hand and a sign in the other with the way they blew this out of proportion. When they show the gun…facepalm

Yeah, I was channel surfing and I see “Black Panthers” so naturally I stopped. It was one of the MTV channels, Maybe VH1 Classic or w/e. Big surprise huh?

The best part is the, “There has to be enough lawyers in NH to get an injunction against this man…”.

For what? “Hi judge, we would like to get an emergency injunction against this man to prevent him from exercising his rights under NH state law because MSNBC doesn’t agree with NH”.

Im suprised the two black reporters didnt say something along the lines of Sketchy white guy.

Holy fuck MSNBC can suck a big ol donkey dick

MSNBC is turning into the left wing version of FOX.

theres no turning. It always has been. People are starting to realize it now.

ughhhhhhhhhh…this really bothers me. MSNBC giving a guy shit, and concentrating most of the story on on for exercising his right to bare arms. I’m entirely at a loss of words…like, i don’t even know what to say because i’m so mad about this. Anti NRA people are going to be ALL over this…cough, like the vice president, cough…

AND lol at the end of the video…them really thinking a guy’s gonna draw his gun on people that disagree with his opinion on healthcare…

What is this the retarded Muslim channel?..

I read one write up on it that stated “He was wielding his firearm while protesting”. I always found it hard to wield my gun while safely stowed in my holster.:gotme:

A responsible gun owner would know better than bringing a gun to a place that the President is going to be would be. I’m not saying he broke the law or anything but I’m saying common sense is not on this guys side. You know the sign he has quotes a saying that ends with the use of the “blood of tyrants and patriots”.

MSNBC is def the Liberal version of FOX although I would say that FOX is run by Republicans and that MSNBC is run by a liberal agenda not the Democrats.


its not a question of “common sense” as much as you’re questioning his protest method.

If he were flaunting it / waving it around / pointing it at opposing protesters then sure, that exhibits a lack of common sense.

Standing there with a displayed & entirely legal firearm is not a lack of common sense ANYMORE then standing there thumping a bible would be. Socially awkward at best, but certainly says nothing about his capability to make rational decisions.

I want to add something logical but I’m laughing too hard at Newman’s shirt.

he’s wearing a gun in the open… if he were to attempt to draw it on the president, he would be shot dead from 10 different angles simultaneously. He’s basically made himself a giant bullseye, and he is probably aware of that, and has no intention of shooting anyone.

People are only flipping out about this because everyone knows that guns have evil spirits that turn the holiest of people in to blood thirsty baby kicking kitten stompers.
It’s too bad that this guy is getting flamed when I’m sure there are people there packing concealed heat.

I have to respectfully disagree. As intense as some of these protests are becoming the last thing you want to add to the mix is a firearm.

Come on guys what if every protester there had been armed, tell me that would be perfectly acceptable or safe.