Dukes of Hazzard: Review

Saw this last night :tup: :tup:

Some of the technically best stunt driving I’ve seen in a movie.

If you watched the show as a kid you will love this movie.

They really payed tribute to the show.

and jessica simpson… well just go see it.

Worth my $10 for sure

I dont know if I wanna see it… Cooter said that it does the show a disgrace. Plus they’ve hyped the crap out of it and I don’t like seeing movies with 100 hours of TV shows about the movie.

As a long time Dukes fan…except for Vance and Coy…I plan to go see it, hell i cant get enough of that new Jessica Simpson video…as long as its on Mute :tup:

EDIT*…And as far as what the original Cooter (ben jones) says…i cant place too much faith in it, he whores himself out to autorama and car show circuits signing autographs for 5 bux a piece making a living off the show…so if he can do it, anyone should be able to.

Going to see it Tues. with fails to mention his name in fear.

http://www.99smiles.com/noes.gif yee haw

only a true fan would understand the vance and coy referance… I will have to find time to check it out.

oh Vance and Coy were Bo & lukes cousin, they came in and replaced them for a season because of the contract squabble Tom Wopat & and John Shneider had with the studio. Coy and Vance drove a pimp yellow challenger into town and it made a few appearances in alot of the shows afterward.

I went to flix to see it. the sound got real staticy and then disappeared with about 30 minutews left.

overall, if your a fan it will be sweet.

J.S. was incredible of course.

so did roscoe. he said it should be called “jackass 2.”

but damnit, I grew up on that show and I’ll be damned if I miss it. I just wanna see how the general ends up after they do that jump onto the highway that’s in the commercials. so many more chargers dead. god please make it stop.

I’ll wait for the DVD and fast forward to the good parts of Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust doing the driving and pause on the good shots of Daisy :wink:

EDIT and any self respecting Dukes fan knows that the show died after Bo & Luke left. I no longer watched the show after the “imposters” came on.

if your a fan of the original the comedy will be there.
they were pissed cause it was “based” on drugs and alcohol. 2 shots with weed… but not weed, just smoke, and the entire series of D of D was about bootlegging Moonshine… which most people seem to forget.

then you might have missed the season after when they came back. :snky:

Your so full of shit, i can smell it from here!! :rofl:

I was like 8-9 years old when that happend and i couldnt have cared less, it was still awesome entertainment for a young kid -bo & luke or Coy and vance although the originals were the shit.

what can I say?? I was a jaded 10 and a half year old who had seen enough character changes on my favorite shows to know the end was near. First it was Three’s Company, then Happy Days, Mash, and a bunch of other great shows.

when they worte off Bo & Luke the show definitely jumped the shark and the quality dropped considerably.

Saw it tonight. Was pretty cool seeing all the cars get smashed up. And J.S. was hot as usual. Not a bad film at all.