Economic Stimulus Check info For those of you wondering when you can start implementing your “I just can’t seem to save anything” plan.

? Oh well, at least I can spend a few hundy american-style while China passes us by in a push-cart.

May 9th starts my saving spree!

this still chaps my ass… the fucked up giving checks, it should have been gift cards.

son of bitch! do they mean like if you have direct deposit for ur tax refund? of so i get paper checks… mine will go out june 27th :frowning:

mines coming out june 6th

I have to wait until July. Fuck that.

Wonder which ss they go by on a joint return.

woooo may 2nd for me!

Wow that blows, I ended up owing this year, so I did not include direct deposit information… figuring they would mail everybody’s rebates…

God damnit!

I think I remember reading somewhere it will be processed by the first SS# listed.

may 2nd for me hahahaha

looks like may 9th for me

I also read that in another article.

:bigthumb: :bowdown: :x:

how about we all post up when we will be getting our checks sent out, it would make for a glorious day of reading pittspeed /sarcasm

noone gives a fuck when you are getting your checks, stop posting it :smiley:


Just post your name and SS number and we’ll figure out when your check is coming.

and either a credit card number or a bank statement just to be sure.

I wouldn’t spend it, but use it to pay down debt!

I’m glad I clicked this link - I didn’t know when to expect it. May 9 for me too!

Sweet! I get mine May 9th…the same week my house is paid off!

may 9th for me and my girl, finally we can pay off the last credit card and then work on the house plans