Well that was quick. Copy-cat demonstrations are happening in Egypt after Tunisia got rid of their dictator.

Thousands of demonstrators attended the anti-government protests. Some in downtown Cairo hurled rocks and climbed atop an armoured police truck.
In a statement issued Tuesday night, the Egyptian interior ministry blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s technically banned but largest opposition group, for fomenting the protests.


I love how your source is aljazeera. admit it, they’re your 1# place to go for news, lol.


Beat me to it.


lol actually al jazeera comes up on google news pretty frequently. The sad thing is most of the articles I’ve read from them are more objective than most of our news networks.


No self immolation no care. Call cnn when you’re serious and setting yourselves on fire Egypt.


So I’m kind of bored at my job right now…can I get like a leave of absence to go run one of these countries for awhile? Besides my whole lack of speaking the language I think I could do a bang up job without being tied down with all of the red tape like the US gov’t.



self-immolation is such a great way of politically stating: nigga set his shit on FIAH!!!


Shit’s getting serious. The government shut down the internet and cell networks.

We heard of a social network ban nation wide earlier this week, as sites like Twitter, Facebook and even Gmail were blocked from the country’s network to some effect, though third-party apps and platforms still allowed users access to their feeds. That changed early this morning as reports of a complete web outage surfaced around 12:30 a.m. local time.

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Wikileaks has been fanning the flames.


Egypt… Does not have the wifi’s. :slight_smile:


This is exactly why the “internet kill switch” obama and others want is a terrible idea however it would be much harder to pull this off in the US.


They accidentally the whole internets.


They didn’t just kill the internet, they shut down communications too. No cell phones work there right now.


Killing cell phones is easy all their ISPs probably do back haul for the cell towers lol


time to bust out the 56k’s


Shit is getting real over there right now:

:tup: to setting your opposition on fire instead of yourself.


this shits all precursors to the 2012 global war/rapture/end of the world. reboot the entire sytem and start the adam and eve story again. earth is a DVD/Farm planet for a higher power. :tinfoilhat:


:lol: agreed


I’ve been seeing & reading a lot of parallels to the '79 revolution in Iran. If the Muslim bortherhood takes over we’re going to have some problems. Their control of the Suez Canal and a border with Israel is going to directly effect all of us.


BBC has a great article on why egypt matters.


The last thing we need in that region is another Muslim ruling coalition. Whether it’s the current guy or someone new coming to power, we’d better hope it’s a secular regime.

One thing that struck me was with 90% of their internet access cut off, their financial markets stayed open. Still looking for a way to short them. Down 10% today.