Eights (install/tuck pics on page 2)

J&J hooked a brotha up:

Moser M9
fabricated housing, 35 spline spool, aluminum case, shortened 6"

(same design, 2" less offset for more dish + wheel tuck) (this picture is of the old rear end and new wheels)

tonight: fit/weld sway bar brackets to housing, prep/paint housing, roll quarters, weld sway bar end link brackets to chassis, and remove wahoo’s parts.

tomorrow: clean/touch up rear/bottom of the car, dress the housing, install new toys

goal for 2010: 8.5 e.t. or lower in the car i drive to work



holy crap, that’s beefy

Thats pretty!


Very nice.

what tires?

Fucking christ that is gorgeous…

thanks guys!

tires are the same as last year:

MT 325/50/15. They hook great (as good, or maybe better than slicks depending on the setup) and are very stable. I would like to try 30" tires (these are 28", nothing in between), but i refuse to cut the bumper or quarter. Without the proper body work, it just looks like poo. Although, I’m thinking that with the wheel tuck I might be able to pull it off without having to cut anything. Maybe next time i’m due for tires ill track down a 315/60/15 (30") to test fit.

So nice.

Your build threads are always ballin’ :tup:

You can fit a 325 in the stock tubs? Stupid F-bodies, I have to tub the shit out of mine to get that to fit. :tdown:

So the car will be able to handle it. Will the driver be ready?

Dude you should totally go back to 6spd automagic is lame…


i do have minitubs, but i don’t need them for 325’s. i do need them for my wheel tuck though

hells ya!

you’re right, i need to make $$$ quick so i can buy a house and a 6spd car!

i know you are but what am i

nice, i wish i could fit something bigger then a 265 in my car.:frowning:

Shit looks great. Bill when you going to invite me down to the shop since I moved back to Buff. :frowning:

If I cant find a good narrowed rear end used, I’ll be hitting J+J up for one, that looks awesome.

i’ll be there tonight working on this sheeeet. stop by!