engine land or any other motor place? looking for a bpt

hey guys can anyone give me a link or phone# or address for engine land i did search but nothing
or any jdm motor importers around sauga
i’m looking for a bpt or fe3n

check www.toprotege.com/forums there is usually a few around…if not msg mike_moss he can find you one most likely … tell him brock told you to ask him…


Ps you wont find any of those engines on this site…

gtx or gtr ?? two VERY different engines… and good luck finding an ECU…

your going to pay through the nose considering that both cars were limited production and even 4 years ago the stock on used BPT’s was getting scarce.

helped a freind with one of those , we just used a stock protege computer on it , and some fuel management , Maf cuts out at 15 psi though, but still pulls hard works well , no problem really

FE3? unless you are driving a mx6/probe, it probably isnt for you.

expalin please ?

The FE3 is a direct swap into a F2T powered car, like a 1g probe. Into a mx3 or a miata, it’s no simple task to get it in there, especially since most people’s goals arent that great anyway.

BPT and the KLZE are usually easier, cheaper, and more reasonable engines to swap into a mx3/miata.

FE3 is pretty much Mazda’s SR20, so unless your goals are 400hp+, and you’ve got A LOT of money to spend, it isnt worth your time.

what chasiss/car are you planning to put this motor into?

if youre having trouble finding an fe3, youre probably not ready to start swapping it into anything but a mx6/pgt

its for proteges…hopefully doing a bpt swap into my little pos in teh fall…ECU’s arent hard to find if you know where to look. the engines are easy to find too if you give it 5% effort


Engine Land

1 877 966-0888 (toll-free)