Ever have a furnace replaced?

I’m thinking about ditching my old oil burner for a new high efficiency natural gas furnace. Oughta pay for itself by the time we sell and move out, and add value to the place so we can sell it for more than if it still had the old furnace. Profit is a good thing right?

I’ve got a call in at Capital Heating right now. Have any of you used anyone else?

Want to buy my oil furnace and tank to keep your garage/shop warm?

My neighbor does heating and cool. He did mine. Very efficient heating system. I can grab his contact info.

:picard: Yeah, I think I’ll definitely be changing. Soon. I spent about $1500 last year heating the place. Heating oil is $3.10/gallon now. Last year it was like $2.30. :ohnoes:

dunno about yours but some of the homes I looked at with oil burning furnaces I was left baffled at how they got the tank in and out of the house lol.

good luck with the removal, the house we bought had one and it was removed for a decent amount of $$

Now that you mention it, I wonder if the house was built around the tank?

Hmm… Energy Star credits. I wonder how much of this I can get the government to pay for?..

im helping my father replace the one in his basement right now. its not very fun at all and its almost worth paying someone to do even though you can do it yourself.

size and spec it your self, extremely easy, order everything your self as well, can be even easier, just hire a contractor to install it.

Interested in the price capital heating gives you. Also btu and % efficiency.

While you will save money buying it yourself who do you call for warranty work? A contractor will not warranty a unit he did not buy. Better to go threw a heating guy who can just go back to his supply house to get warrantied parts.

also in for price

I had Adema (on englewood) come out and install a 95+% efficiency furnace (and a/c) earlier in the year. There was ~$495 in tax credits due to the high eff.

eh… swapping out a boiler will be no small task i imagine. is there any existing ductwork for forced air? if not, $$$$$$

oh, we’d quoted Central H&C; Roeher & Son (?); and one other… Adema was best overall & 2nd lowest price.

How big is the oil burner?

boiler does not = oil burning furnace :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep you guys posted.

As for Energy Star:

I make too much money to qualify for most of the programs, but it looks like I may be able to get up to a 4% interest rate reduction if I finance through an approved lender and have the work done by an approved contractor. :cjerk:

Still looking though. I know there are tax credits somewhere…

Something to think about, if you don’t have A/C and plain on installing it in the future now is the time to have them install the coil when they do the furnace. The coil itself is fairly cheap and since it sits on top of the furnace, no extra cost on labor.

lol Nikuk thanks for reinforcing that this is a good decision. A lot of smart people don’t know what oil furnaces are and thus run away when they are house hunting.

Yep, it’s just a forced air furnace that burns oil instead of natural gas. It heats my ~1680 (iirc) square foot house nicely.

FYI, National Fuel will install up to a 100 foot line to the house for free. I don’t have a gas line to my house, so the gas company has to dig a trench and run one. My house is only maybe 60’ from the road so that part should be free.

sorry, oil burner != boiler, my bad.

the $495 i am referencing is not income dependant, else we would not’ve qual’d.

yea, i read boiler in the first post. then comprehended thereafter.


Good deal. I got $250 back for a new door last year. IIRC you get $50/window or something like that.

if you’re looking for an installer, lmk… my cousin does it for a living and I believe just got laid off. I’m sure he’d love the work

we’ve got propane…keeps the house nice n warm with the fake fireplace thing…and our heat/electric bill stays low