F*ckin cops

I just picked up a Toyota Tercel, I painted it flat black, I heard that flat black is the least likely color to pull over. Kill two birds with one stone eh? Not so much.

I was in the twn of hamburg and I saw a few girls out front of a local restaurant. I got on it a bit and the transmission kicked down to 1st gear, I bought this car for gas mpg but it does really rip when flogged!
I pull over and talk to them, when all of a sudden some po nine pulls up and starts yelling at me.
Long story short, he writes me a ticket for illegal lights (my neons, oh well)
unsafe start…fucking pig didn’t even see me take off.
Color of car not matching registration.

I saw some kid in a old bmw (probably daddys car) stair me down, I think he wanted to race…but idk, he probably snitched.

fucking trust fund babys and their daddys bimmers.


yeah this would be funny if u actually posted it in tune to the other thread.

you FAIL

eh… D-


ughhhh… don’t quit your day job


no originality, total predictability.

:lol: Glorious fail. A for effort!

Parody FTL.