Fall Meet/Cruise

i think this time we should do a 2 for one. do the central park thing, or even head down to colonie crossing, bbq til 3 or so then go for a cruise. any ideas for the cruise/date?

I think it would be cool to go for a cruise up to like sacandoga lake, stop somewhere and eat…then continue the cruise all the way up to Piseco lake.

We already did a cruise to Sacandaga Lake…

Why do you always suggest cruising North? because it’s closer for you?.. i mean a majority of the site is from the Albany/Colonie/Sch’tdy/Guilderland area. Just wondering… no need to get huffy in your response to this.

I’d be down though for a bbq/cruise from the Crossings to whereever.

I will be attending, because i have yet to make one. I agree most people are from albany area and we should keep it down hear and make it easier for most people to go.


I said a cruise THROUGH sacandoga…Piseco lake is 10x farther up north then sacandoga…besides, I have a camp right on the lake, right next to the batchlerville bridge that we could stop at and eat since its on the way to piseco lake…

I suggest cruises up north because its light traffic, straight aways, turns etc…kinda tosses things up.

alot better roads most people like going fast and turning :lol

yeah +1 to that… the roads are better for driving/riding…

deff down for going for a nice cruise

As long as their are no pot holes and nice scenery than Im down… Oh, and good food! ;D

The roads out to Thatcher Park are pretty nice, and it’s not too far from here…

ive done enough cruising for a while, i went to plattsburgh for no known reason wednesday night. that was a 350mile cruise.

I might be down… Might go on a run tonight.

assuming the car is healthy, id be down for a cruise wherever.

I second that going up to pisco lake sounds like itd be a roadtrip not a cruise

apg used to cruise down to the catskills

I’d be down for Thatcher Park

im down. joey, north is easiest, since its one of the like 2 highways that you dont have to pay tolls

yeah nobody wants to pay tolls on a crusie.

The $80 waste of gas hurts enough.

speeking of cruise, ron you should cruise down to albany tonight

Yeah but… 1. We already had a cruise to/around Sacandaga Lake 2. This Pisco Lake seems a bit far for a cruise/meet.

Ok so when you crash with your daughter in the car going “fast and turning” through turns, like the last cruise to Sacandaga when you had your daughter with you, how is that going to be? :idiots

Since when are you all about turning in the beetle? see you at LVD almost every week, but never attending any Auto-X or road courses. :confused