Fiat - 7 Models Coming To US


searched for 2 seconds…



Oh, that’s something I didn’t see coming.

Fiat 500 SRT-4 AWD?


Well there is a surprise.


Good move, IMO. After reading that it seems like both will benefit well from the linkup - Fiat 500s in the US soon :slight_smile:


wow, they got a 35% stake without putting up any cash. Not bad. Could be mutually beneficial if they don’t Daimler it.


A Fiat 500 would be a sick DD. Well, maybe not sick, but you could have fun with it.


I think that was a good move for Fiat. When we buy a Chrysler store we will be that much closer to getting a Ferrari store.


I look at this as a good thing. I’d rather see assets purchased rather than bailouts. However Fiat’s automotive division has been rather week lately (who isnt though?) and Citreon/Peugeot were looking at purchasing/investing in a portion of them as well (or possibly a gasp mini bailout). Let’s also not be to quick to forget other wonderful Chrysler Italian collaborations.

Hopefully the extra funding and management goes to the correct channels and turns Chrysler around with the backing of Fiat and one of the largest private equity firms in the USA.


my uncle has one of these (it’s flat black (primer) right now though)


7 vehicles coming


the fiat panda should be huge for chrysler.


looks good…

i wont buy one… but if i were in the market for something of the kind i would certainly consider a Chrysler / Fiat car vs. solely a Chrysler.






i wonder if this guy was being srs


It beats the hell out of Frod and Generial Mortars.


Ugh. i get the whole “econo car” craze, and it is lloonnggg overdue. i just dont get why they decided to bring those cars over as opposed to some of the much nicer models. judging from everyones reactions to the smart cars or whatever the hell they are called America is not ready for small cars.


This is awesomely interesting. I can’t wait to see how this works out for both companies.


Abarth plz.


America will not be ready for small cars until we can’t afford anything better.


The Punto hatch looks sweet:


I would buy it if it was called the Puta hatch