Field trip to M&M

I took Nichole out for her first time, and we had a great time.

Saw a few cool things, and some of interest to you guys…

I suck at most imports, but thanks to all the pics posted in the past, and big buzz over certain cars (and badging) we managed to pick a few out.

1st gen MR2, no engine, and not much of anything else.

We saw a cool 300zx, way way old school, with a pointy front end similar to a Datsun.

We saw a 1st gen probe, with the stock turbo, unfortunately, the turbo, and most of the engine was gone.

Plymouth Laser, which IIRC, is a 1st gen DSM.

We also saw a black eclipse, probably nothing of major interest, is was being sold as whole.

I saw a few cars with a 2.3, which has to LO/HO intake for my car, so I shall be returning soon to pick up some intakes and TBs.

And A LOT of 3.1’s, and several 3100’s so I know where to get parts for Nicholes car.

I forgot how fun it was. I also picked up a price list, if you want the price of something, LMK, but soon I’ll type it up for Gen Auto.

What color was the interior on the probe, and did it have power windows?

If you are referring to the one in the backish area it is a 280ZX, which fall under the “DATSUN, made by NISSAN” years.

Fuzzy, we never even looked at the interior, sorry. I was busy with the engine compartment, and Nichole was scoping out a Monte Carlo.

Nichole just said it might have been gray, but she isn’t sure.

fairgentleman, cool bit of info, no wonder there was such a similarity. The ZX also had t tops… cool stuff.

And now that I remember, we saw a honda… it looked old… no clue what year.

My guess, was that it was a CRX, but the hatch wasn’t quite the same, where the CRX hatch is similar to an AZTEK hatch, with the glass, and then a small glass window flat against the rear.

This car didn’t have that, and it also seemed a little bit bigger than a CRX, yet a similar style.

what kind of “price list” did they give u? they just have a general one for all cars?

god i gotta start a u-pick-it yard.

how much are transmissions there on the list?

did you see any honda civic HX rims?



And no on teh Civic rims

Hmm… I’ll have to check out the probe this weekend. Where was located it in the yard?

how much are the 3100s? and accompanying tranny?

All cars engine $100
All cars tranny $70

M&M rocks - just fun to go down there and play in the yard. If you go straight to the very back there are a few older cars, like old galaxies n’ such.

They have a very basic pricing/parts list. If you have a 1997 and below car that you are trying to keep on the road, parts there are cheap as hell. I pulled three PW motors, one rim/hubcap, a trunk latch, and two interior pieces and my total was like $30. costs $3 to get in, you can bring your own tools, just no torches or saws. $100 for an engine, any engine.

sweet. i want so badly to boost the lumina… but Iwant to make sure I have a back up motor to throw in there.

or boost the backup and put it into something lighter.

Boosted Lumina :tup:

9Bs have to be good for something right

$2 to get in per person for liability.

The probe… crap… if I remember correctly it was near the back.

Like when you walk in, the cars are left to right… you gotta go back, near the middle of the 2nd half of the yard, it was near the middle of the back rows, which are lined up front to back.

The price list is all flat rate, I don’t think it matters what car it’s from, it matter what part you buy.

Jack, off the top of my head, I’d say we saw like 8 3100’s, and 10 3.1’s.

They’re everywhere man, get in there!

If I remember correctly, there IS a core charge on some things, and I think the engines and trans. each have a core charge of like $20 or so.

Also, you can buy a warranty for the engines and trans. as well, it’s like a 30 or 60 day warranty, and it costs like $30.

Engine Core Charge: $15

Tranny Core Charge: $10

sounds like a neat little adventure

M&M = the win :tup:

I got full black power leather interior (including EVERY trim piece) for a bit over $100.