Fileing my taxes online?

I only have 1 w2, im single, non homeowner, pretty straight forward. anyone know of an online place to file it for free, if one even exists? link me if you could please.


yep if you don’t make alot use tax freedom.

whats alot?


go to H&R block online, theres a free page that i used. Free + direct deposit in 8-15 days. i use it every year and my taxes are pretty simple, free site btw,,id=101223,00.html

Follow the link to a long list of providers.

Lists all the free sites that the irs recommends using.

Or you could spend like 12 bucks and do it on the Libery site. It’s pretty easy too.


I did that and it took me about an hour,had to call the IRS to see what I made in 2005 so I could e-file.I just got an email saying the IRS accepted my federal tax return,direct deposit in less than 10 days! :smiley:


You gonna use money to buy lots of vtecs?

all of these sites charge you to actually file right?? like turbotax?? i am about to do mines in a few hours

in for when i get home. someone reply to this so i get an email about this thread and i remember to do this. kthx

The IRS website lists all of the providers for free e filing and the conditions you have to meet. I’ve used H&R Block’s site for the past two years, pretty nice interface. Federal E file is free. I’m not sure if NY state e-file is free anywhere, I know H&R charges $29.99. Anybody else know about state?

Being “that guy” to question this free stuff, is it absolutely free? Like, if I were to go do this compared to a friend doing taxes (I don’t have said friend, but this is for comparison), would the return be the same?

And, do they do Federal AND State?

Yes,its free…they did my federal and state.

:tup: Just finished mine. I thank you sirs!

Anyone get a refund back yet?

I got my refund yesterday. $651 yay.

Anywho, I lost the page I used for free that is needed to file for free for my gf. Anybody recently file theirs and use the H&R block free one?