Finally have some pics of the new ride...

Its a 91 mr2 turbo with a swapped 94 turbo…
:beer: :slight_smile:

:tup: nice buy

Nice :tup:


awesome car.

i like it
nice kaa!

why is there a motor in your trunk?

looks very clean :tup:

very flakey


is that the one that was at evan’s shop? because i only know of 1 silver one around…and i also believe i saw you cruisin down sheridan a few nights ago…

looks clean, congrats…

why is the motor in the trunk …

all dirty ??? the cars so clean … detail that engine !

:tup: to a haaawt kaa tho

looks good :tup:

nice…very clean! :tup:

nice trunk lid you h0m0 :slight_smile:

photoshoot soon…

word nice car paul

now just add spray :tspry:

holy scrotum that things a beauty


That is super nice man

MR2 = the new civic

Beautiful. Wish my paint looked that good…