im going to get my car fixed from some old lady hitting me.

cliff notes, traveling in south park we went to go around the circle and she was on the outside lane and i was in the inside lane,she was too busy talking on the phone, and petting her poodle on her lap in her 350z she went to go around the circle and i went to go straight, she traveled into my lane and hit my pass. side quarter panel. (about 1500 to 1600 worth of damage + price of alignment or rear suspension and re powdercoating of the wheel) she said its her fault but told the insurance company that i hit her… so month and a half later im still pissed and been chewing the insurance company’s ass out since the first week when they said they requested a police report. they never requested one so yesterday i called county records and had a women fax the police report over. (within 20 mins it got there) this morning i talked to them and their taking the claim i made. woot!

damage to wheel, suspension, and car will be fixed and i get a rental car for like 3 days to a week. thinking of getting the charger or a G6. im just happy this is all over with and statefarm claims dept. blows!

then… to top it all off, 2 nights ago my car was backed into with a truck, needs a new rear bumper but the guy stopped and said he will pay for whatever needs done. but thats only about 700 worth of damage which isnt bad. i think i may just have jeff at 1st try paint me a new bumper

sweet man…glad to hear it finally went your way…now sell that fucker and get a A"real" car!!!

like i said, i’d always rather be driving a TA or Fbody… but I owe nothing on this car… my plan so far is to find a townhouse first thing, buy a small S10 or such and make payments, garage the neon, rebuild the motor, and make a fun weekend driver or something.
35mpg and owe nothing on the car is much better the making payments on a Fbody, getting 15mpg, and using it as a daily driver…
If i really wanted to i could walk on down to martin’s auto gallary right now and tell them i want the WS6 they have down there… i just dont want to make payments on a performance vehicle that would have to be daily driven
I’ll be in the market for an Fbody when i hit 25

I know all this…I’m just bustin ya balls and keeping you in check :stick:


$700? So they are tottaling it then?


How the fuck would u know?:sex:

S-10’s are nice trucks.