FiosTV in Town of Tonawanda...





damn… screw fios TV, give the rest of us fios internet for christs sake.

Rolex 24 @ Daytona today

I have seen the signs over on the other side of the 290 in the town of tonawanda but not on my side :frowning:





It will take vz sometime to get franchise rights in all municipalities


i seriously would run a damn cable to a block away where they can have fios if it meant i could too…fuck DSL going out every time it rains.


Where did you move Geoff? Is there cable ran to your house? Maybe its still on. Plug it in and find out. If its not, give me a call. :snky:


ahhh my father is finally getting his in WS next week, bout fucking time.


I believe Verizon just ran lines through our yards in Kenmore.
Crossing my fingers. I want it :slight_smile:


So those of us suckers that are still stuck on DSL…you can upgrade your download from 3.0 MB to 7.1 for $1 more a month for the first 3 months, $11 after. I’m gonna give it a shot for the 3 and see if it’s worth it.



So I just got off the phone with them. I currently only have the 10/2 FiOS internet service, and I love it.

They bundled me with FiOS TV…

  • Made me upgrade to 20/5 internet
  • Free DVR box for the year’s contract ($15/mo after that)
  • Free HBO and Cinemax for a month (big whoop)

Everything all said and done, 79.99/month. I thought that was a smokin deal for the internet and TV.

Just a heads up :tup:


how did it go? I didn’t even know they offered 7.1mb

geoff, where are you located?


town of tonawanda


wow, that is a smoking deal.

:frowning: wish they’d hurry up already. It’s been what, like 3 years since they’ve started adding fiber to the area?


tv and internet for that… TW is raping me

does verizon have any on demand channels or just dvr?


We need to talk about the details. I got quoted 120/month for TV/internet/phone with HBO.

What TV package did you get?


Not good. My signal wasn’t strong enough to support it. I got booted consistently for 3 days, then their solution was to downgrade me back to the 3. Got a free month and the next 6 at 19.99 for my troubles at least.


thats cool :tup:

atleast they took care of ya


Fios internet at my place now


ahhh DL 360 games in less than 30 minutes, i love it


Just the FiOS TV with all those HD channels. I don’t need any movie channels cuz the gf buys me the monthly blockbuster mail-in thing.

My 10/2 internet was still blazing fast for my needs, I can’t wait till they bump me up to 20/5 AND the FiOS TV for $79.