fireworks are a midemeanor

i hope you all know that. if you get caught with them you go to jail.

so if you would have been firing freworks last night…then you would have missed the 4th

cuz the judge doesnt come in on the 4th, he is back on the 5th.

you dont want to miss the 4th do you? and go to jail right?



??? the cops stopped by to talk to us last night, they seemed pretty pleasent and impressed with out collection. if anyone gets arrested yesterday or today its cause they have stuff that no one should have or they are being complete dicks to the cops.

Hahhahhahhahah silly cops

…too bad the 25 shot didnt decide to go off right as he drove over it…

i overslept one year…and missed the 4th.

Skunk… get more roman candles so we can have another fight.

Yes Captain America, Salutes

My neighbors last night were launching off some serious fireworks for like an hour and 1/2, I only got like 2 decent pics since they were only doing like 1 at a time at random times.

i’m actually posting from jail. who would have guessed the cell blocks have wireless :roll2:

i guess we didnt clean up well enough, and the same dickhead came to our house and decided to pull out the cuffs

now im missing the fourth, because the judge doesnt come in till tuesday :frowning:

holy fucking shit, firworks are ILLEGAL ???

26 years on this planet, AND the 4th of july is my b-day and this is the first time im hearing this ??? how did this info slip past me ???

get real. the cops bust people that have MASSIVE amounts of fireworks being stored for resale

if they realy gave a fuck, there would be roadblocks every year on the major routes back from PA, you know … to catch the people coming back from NY’s major supplier !

dont cry us a river just cause u didnt buy any fireworks this year


Oh, the irony…

Cops bust people with even one firework. You know why? Because they can.

Using your arguement - it’s like, if they really gave a fuck about drunk driving, there would be roadblocks every freakin’ thursday on the 33.

Doesn’t sound like he is crying any river.

cops ignore 99.9% of the fireworks out there . ive had them drive by my house while i was setting them off !

ive been pulled over with them in my car b and TOLD them “such and such is in the trunk” when asked if i have anything in the car

ever been someplace like sunset bay, watching the cops roll past 30 cabins all setting of rockets and firecrackers

but if you wanna get in trouble … set off a 1/4 stick w/ a cop near by … set off something that will more then just burn you when you forget to throw it

not saying that cops dont care at all about fireworks … but there are so many people setting things off they tend to ignore the people being safe and anything else … use your head and play it cool and the cops wont bug ya

wow, sorry to spark everyones absolute expertise on fireworks, cops, cops and fireworks and everything else about the 4th…but this was an inside thing with a few other members here.

story: we were out shooting fireworks down the street from our house and someone called the cops. no big deal, he come out and told us to stop. but then gave us a funny lecture that concluded with making us realize we could haev missed the 4th due to our miscrient ways.

and the speech pretty much went like my first post. wasnt serious guys…sorry to make you think i hate fireworks

i did like being called captain america though…i will have to remember that

sorry bro if it came off that way but your post seemed more serious.

you were fine…it was geared more towards hotrodkid.

while on the topic any1 have some they wana rid rid of?? lol i never gota a chance to go get some and dont feel like driving down there today

alrighty, that explains it … first post just sounded WAAAy uptight w/o the story that went along with it

not realy surprised that the cop didnt seam to care tho, fireworks are just as illegal as loud exhausts on harleys … and we all know how that works out

and just remember, if i make an asshole statement in a thread, anyone elses statments are usualy geared right at me , lol

as long as it’s not the cops from twizted’s house i think we’re pretty safe

word … one single bottle rocket in front of one of those guys and they would be screaming that your getting life in prison

if they are like that ALL THE TIME … i can only hope thta karma gets @ them today some time :slight_smile:

LOL this is the funniest thing ive seen all freakin day