flea market escapade

so yesterday i was at the flea market on walden and as some of you may know there are quite a few airsoft rifle stands in there. well im walking down no particular aisle with my friend and we see a couple of people of middle eastern descent in full garb. no big deal, until the woman and her son each pick up an AK-47 and start cycling the weapon. it takes a second for the situation to sink in and i start laughing my ass off and so does my friend. i couldnt help it, usually when i find myslf in situations similar to this i can hold it in. this time i just couldnt do it. i ducked into the nearest shop and couldnt stop laughing, everytime i heard the weapon fire i lost it. am i a bad person? (not in general, just in this situation)

no not a bad person it sounds funny


more details plz

i dunno as soon as what was happening clicked in my mind all i could imagine is " alllah allah allah mohammed jihad" and it all just seemed too… ironic maybe? too something…

deff should have tooken pics


I could lie and say that is awful, but I’m sure I would have done the same.

ya I go to the flea often, if I would have seen that, I woulda been a little freaked out to be honest.

hopefully speedped tooken his ass to bed. i would have grabbed one and started firing back, haha but thats just natural instinct for me. its what i was taught in the army, so i guess its not my fault either.

durka durka mohammed jihad



Oh geoffy

maybe im retarded, but i dont get it?

1-800-Call-FBI :gotme: