Forced Performance "White Rabbit" For Evo4-8

Very impressive is this turbo. They have seen 441whp on a Dynojet AWD Dyno.

“Stock Engine (Stock internals, stock cylinder head, stock camshafts)
FP White Rabbit Upgrade Turbo
Hallman MBC
Denso 660 cc Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Stock Airbox w/KN drop in panel filter
Custom 3” intake pipe to stock airbox
Tial BOV on stock intercooler plumbing
Stock FMIC w/stock plumbing
AEM EMS (Speed Density, No MAF)
Stock Ignition (Plugs gapped down to .018 to prevent misfires)
3" Downpipe, offroad pipe, modified HKS catback exhaust
No alcohol injection or intercooler sprayer

The ambient temp in the shop was 87F."

27psi on racegas

yea this turbo is the talk of evo forums, has a couple threads about it, the largest being around 29 pages long

it’s a great turbo alternative to the GT series turbos, especially when its only $1500ish and other kits are near $5k

heard it was putting down 380whp on an evo8 with minimal mods and no cams

needless to say i’m looking forward to seeing more testing of it

pretty impressive with so many stock parts still retained

You are correct… It will not have the top end of say, a GT35R but it the fact that there is no low end penalty is simply genius. 380whp is the pump gas numbers at 23psi if memory serves.

sounds about right, i wonder how effective a reflash+tune will be, or if a step up to ems is necessary

even though im not 100% sold on them, i’d basically need to order now if i wanted the possibility of having one by august :frowning:

maybe i’ll just buy to sell them, i cant see them staying at 1500 for long

From reading the private forums where Robert @ FP posts alot, until they can get a costs down in manufacturing, it will probably stay at $1500. According to him (and that’s the salesman talking), he is not making very much money if anything on these turbos. Take from that what you will. I would get my name on the list because it’s going to be a long time before the price will come down, IMO. If not, I would look at at GT3076 from ATPTurbo or something similar in size if you are looking for that kind of power.

Good find Yoda! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an amazing setup we will see how it works on an EVO soon.

cool stuff :tup:

Come along way from “I will never buy anything from those guys…”