Fort Erie NASCAR Track (Canadian Motor Speedway) *Construction: 2017*

This is from the Buffalo news, apparently fort erie is teaming with some $$ from the middle east to build a nascar track. I could care less about nascar, but most ovals have road courses built into them and this one would be no different.


So we will find out if Canada does have rednecks. :slight_smile:

Maybe they will build an adjoining 1/4 mile track too.

Very cool. Who wants to bet they’re holding races there before the new peace bridge is built?

Gotta wonder if the NIMBY’s will fuck this up though, especially considering all the shit little Dunnville gets in the middle of nowhere.

More local tracks…awesome!

I think it will be fine since the guy who would shut the track down is making trips to dubai to try to lure investors/close the deal

This could have a huge economic impact on Buffalo if the actually get a sprint cup race. I want to see them break ground for the project before I get excited about another local track.

the non-nascar events they would have there could be cool

I wonder what kind of economic impact it would end up having on Buffalo. Do you think it would help Toronto more or do you think people will stay stateside … if I was from outside the area I think Toronto would sound more of a enticing place to stay or visit in between races


Maybe they will pull the plug on this project 1/2 way through construction too.

Any expansion, is good expansion at this point :tup:

the guy who owns lancaster is supposed to be building a 1/4 mile somewhere in the southern tier.

a local oval would be awesome.

A local road course would be awesome. Too bad I’ll probably be out of b-lo before it happens… Grrrr

fuck the road course crap, the sprint cup races are where the money is going to be.

Great news if it happens.

The likelyhood of a Sprint Cup race happening there is very small, (IMHO). The two major players for track ownership, SMI & ISC, have so much presence and control that they would put up a fit if a race was moved to a new venue that was not theirs. I say “move a race” because NASCAR will never add an another race to the current Sprint Cup schedule. It’s already too long and demanding on the teams.

Most likely, NASCAR would try out a truck series or Nationwide series race there first for a few seasons and gauge the response of the fans and market. Then the track would be bought up by SMI or ISC who own all but 2 tracks that are on the current Sprint Cup schedule. They would then have to pull a race from one of their other tracks that is experiencing low attendance or has two race events on the schedule.

For reference, here is New Hampshire International Raceway which is a 1 mile flat oval with a 1.6 mile road course.

we will see…

Lets hope so.

all i have to say is get your pass ports if you even plan on going, if it does go threw! lol

maybe you can go and never come back.

right. maybe you can stop letting your wife bone you in the ass! if possible

I hope im so wrong but I cant see this actually going through. Great things like this aren’t supposed to happen for us around these parts lol.