Forza sucks eh? Check it...


I wanna see this shit with flat panels!!

that’s hot, too bad i only have two xboxes :ham:

Need a good steering wheel setup too… but yeah, I read about that stuff awhile back and would LOVE to do that.

But… I still have to say GT4 > Forza in reagrds to driving experience and physics.

I wanna see that shit on KrazyJon’s pimp ass work set up


oh that is so hot…mike i will bring over my box when it’s fixed :frowning: we can try it then

Pretty hot, though you can do that with GT4 :slight_smile:

Way to kick Forza Motorsports down… :wink:


damn, i need a couple more xboxes

that would be sweet to do with really big TVs, to make it almost life size, and just sit in the middle of them. Although it would probably melt your brain… but i think it would be worth the brain meltage.

I LOVE forza but when i woke up this morning to a corrupt profile and ALL my cars are gone… Wasn’t a happy camper.:tdown: Now i have to drive that crappy ass vette again.

pimp…id love to do something like that or get like the driving chair thingy