Front bumper switched to repainted one without my knowledge

Hoping someone can give me some guidance here. I have a 2004 Sentra SE-R that has been serviced only at a 3 Nissan dealerships - Oakville (for a 30 minute oil change, Burlington most of the time, Brampton once). Just hand washed the car today and noticed the front bumper was looking a little weird. Upon closer inspection, I noticed there are a lot of paint chips on the bumper, and RED paint underneath the black. This car was brand new when I purchased it. Also, a ring of black paint around the fog lights that you can grab and move around. Looks like the red bumper was repainted black and they forgot to cut away the excess paint around the hole for the fog lights. Problem is, this happened at a Nissan dealership without my knowledge. The car has never been in an accident, never left anywhere other than either a parking garage with 24 hour security, or my garage at home. It has never been lent out either. Has anyone ever heard of this? I’m wondering how to proceed. I definitely want Nissan to rectify this, but have no way to prove that they actually did it. I’m pretty sure I know which dealership it happened at though…just no way to prove it.
Help please!!!

Are you sure its red paint thats underneath and not the colur of the actaul plastic? it could be…the primer too

That sucks big time, but without any evidence their not going to help you. Your best bet is to raise hell about it. Call the local paper, news whatever, just make a huge deal and give them as much bad publicity as you can

Just like GTChampion said, it could be the primer. I know at my dads work, when my dad is getting a car for paint, he prime’s them in red.

Also sometimes bumpers get damaged on new cars and are often fixed/painted prior to sale…

THIS IS TRUE & NOT illegal.

only if the damage is below a certain percentage…I think…

besides doesn’t matter too much …unless you know you’ve been lied to

I worked in a dealership bodyshop and we would do this sometimes if the car got damaged coming off the truck or if one of the retarded oil change kids got rowdy and drove into a lot car.

we would usually just take a bumper off a brand new car of the same colour and change it (onto a brand new car) if it was a common enough car.

but we did get a saturn sky in one time that got fcked up coming off the truck, fcked up from the salesmen leaning on it, f*cked up from everyone driving it cuz it was brand new at the time.

so we repaired it like any other car and new sales delivered it to the poor sucker who bought it. i dont know if the salespeople ever told the guy his brand new car has filler in it, but there’s a lesson in it…

look over your brand new car for damage just like a used car.

ask the salesman if there was any damage.

be concerned if it takes a few days longer to be delivered then originally quoted.

everyone who touches the car between the time it rolls off the line to the point where you pick it up will drive the shit of out it, increasing the chances of damaging it along the way. it’s not their car, they dont give a f*ck.

I worked for a ford dealer from 98 to 2001.
we beat the shit outta anything we could…
when the new fwd cougasr came out, some of the sales guys ran those things to redline the 1st time it went to the gas station.

if you buy a car and its a hot car…be there for when it gets off the truck.
Tell the dealer you will not take a car with more than 10kms on it an that nobody is allowed to drive it…PERIOD.

I’v had customers request that we dont even put gas in it…they just disconnected the gage cluster so it didnt track the mileage…
then they put 150kms on it and drove it like they stole it…

you cant win…but thanks to the new systems for mileage accuracy they cant do that anymore…usually