FS: 1984 RX-7 GS, mostly original, no rust, 59K mi

Your Location / Item Location: cheektowaga
You Contact (Real) Name: chris
Preferred Contact Method (PM, Email, Phone): PM or email cdoll924 @ gmail
Price (If Applicable) & Currency (USD or CAN): open to suggestions

I am toying with the idea of letting go of my rx-7, I have owned this for about 4 years now i think? i’d have to check back but that sounds right.

from new until now this car has always been garaged, I know i can say it has never seen a winter(originally a NY car, i live in NY also) the underside is cleaner than my 2018 sti(which is the DD). over the years of owning this car it has never failed me. and over the course of those years, i have put less than 10K on the car. there are many extras that come with the car as I had a parts car that i took anything off it that was still good. she starts, idles and runs great. I worked at a toyota dealership that used to be a mazda dealer also, one of the old guys there who is/was a mazda master tech looked over the engine for me and said “dont touch a thing its running perfect” other than cleaning the points in the disty i think, he left her alone.

interior is in great shape, little bit of wear on the drivers seat but overall for a 30 year old car is is very clean inside, dash is in great shape.

bad things:

paint, the paint looks good as it was repainted before i bought the car, though whoever did it, did not do a great prep job and it is peeling off in places. good news there is the metal under it all is bare and clean with no rust
steering box/column, much play(see extra parts as one is included)
tires need to be replaced, they are showing their age

Non-stock things/new parts:

Racing Beat Full exhaust, header all the way back.
nardi torino sterring wheel
cant remember the brand but its an older dvd based nav head unit with a flip out screen., it still works and has an ipod hookup.(however the speakers are original and in bad shape sound wise)
rats nest was removed by previous owner
carb has mechanical secondaries, it kicks when you get past 50% throttle or so.
rear drums were opened up a year ago, shoes replaced, everything else in there looked brand new still.
HID highbeams in an aftermarket stock looking housing, low beams are stock
aluminum radiator, much larger than stock, dont know the model offhand
electric fan(rarely need it as it stays cool without it on unless you are sitting for long times, have it wired to a switch)

Extras not on the car:

rear hatch window and hinges
rear bumper(i may have he front also i need to check)
front rotors(new)
front pads(new)
new moog pitman arm, or is it idler arm? the one that goes on the passenger side(not installed)
2nd set of factory mazda 13’s not in as good of shape as the ones on the car but usable
a bunch of extra trim pieces and such that were good off the old car.
headlight buckets and i think the motors to go with
a few new mazda oil filters
stock steering box/column out of parts car, no play in this one
stock steering wheel

I know i’m probably forgetting a bunch of things I have laying around extra, i’ll see if i can take a peek and add to this.

any offer may be a good one, never know, i picked up another 80’s car to play with today so i could use the room!

rx-7 is gone, picked up an 87 bridgeport FC to replace it.