FS: 89 240sx hatch - 800 obo - pics

5 speed

rebuilt power steering pump
new master cylinder
great brakes
new water temp sensor
electric fan w/ aftermarket adjustable temp switch
name brand alarm w. remote start and addition power outs
i have the larger rear sway bar for it
extra set of factory horms installed … cause im always loud like that, lol
k&n air filter in place of stock airbox
replaced drivers seat w/ nicer unit i got from bing


front tires
rocker arm assembly - bing240sx had one last i knew - cams and valves are PERFECT tho
needs a repair to an external starter wire
passanger front seat has the typical damage - repairable - fabric is still good

pics of the interior after i clean it out and slap a few dash pieces back on ( from repainting them and installing the alarm)


andy (osin) should pick this up

lol wtf, like the day after i get the motor running right this comes up, hows the underbody?

it has THE framerail rust under the master cylinder

and the front ends of the fraimrails are a little out of wack cause my boss used a saab to rip the front bumper assem off the 240 … nothing major tho, car still drives down the road nice and all the panels line up

car spent at least 6 years of its life in texas too, and isnt originaly a buffalo car either … its from like sc or somethin i think

id classify the car as a beater drifter … and its intentionaly why i bought it, i wouldnt feel bad if i hit a gaurdrail with it

is the rust thru the frame? or just surface?

bump for a good seller, good luck with the sale!

pm me, is it still fs?

still fs … pm sent

take some pics of the underbody and the rust spots and i might have a buyer for you.

also try son240sx.ca you might have some luck there.

ill do a quickie clean up of the inside to get pics of that, and ill see if i can crawl under and get a pic of the frame, as thats the only serious rust spot on the car, after that its surface rust where they pop riviteed a body moulding on, and i think a few light spots iunder the hood …



what ya wanna take for it???

650 w/o the alarm & headunit takes it

ill have a rocker arm assembly for it when a friend picks up his buddies engine for me

donno what exactly will be on the spare engine , but i know the intake and block are already sold by me

im possibly interested nick, i may coem look at it soon

im tryin to round up the money to get ya the motor nick and ill find out when the guy can do the swap so we can grab it…hopefully in the next two weeks, im tryin


to who