FS: 98 neon R/T $3500obo

i’d like to sell my car, i have another project neon underway and i could use the extra cash
98 dodge neon R/T
its a 2.0 dohc, 5 speed, coupe

mods are:
iceman cai
ported auto tb
p&p intake manifold
mpx udp
chakara header
booger bushings
mopar hi rate springs
cross drilled/slotted rotors

carbon fiber hood
painted dash
z3 fenders
cf look m3 mirrors
clear corners
glo guages w/ aluminum overlay
shifter knob and pedals


any questions feel free to ask

do you work at the wilson farms on southwestern??? I think I always see this car parked out there whenever I Stop in for beer.

not a fan of neons, but I actually like this one… G/L with the sale

yea thats me

part it all out to SloPoke

the only thing he wanted off my car was the springs
and i’d rather not part out, too much of a pain in the ass

glwts :slight_smile:

ya ive met you before i’m always in there buying beer and my explorer is always parked across all three spots in the front lol i’ll say whats up next time im in there… anyways once again G/L with the sale

someone buy this car so we can finish his other one

Are gonna part it out if you are let me know my cuz is doing a neon