FS: 98' Turbo Integra

Not in a biggie hurry to get rid of my baby but I’m in the process of buying a house and getting ready for wedding planning…So the girl has to go if i find a buyer. I really enjoy every second of it when i go cruising or back and forth to work, she drives and handles like a dream! great sleeper

Is a 1998 Acura Integra GS with 82K miles, full interior with dark gray leather seats, ABS, cruise control, moonroof, power everything. Basically is a GSR model with a b18b1 motor. car is in great shape, very clean and gets complements every time.

Mods includes fresh mild block machine work with wiseco pistons, eagle rods, acl bearings, arp rod bolts and head studs, lots of new OEM parts, LSD with newly rebuilt tranny, uberdata fuel management, 750cc RC injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, z10 traction bars, goldline springs 2.5inch drop, etc…and lots of little things, too much to list really.
Custom turbo setup with Garrett turbo, Tial wastegate, HKS SSQV, huge front mount intercooler.
Full race equal length stainless steel turbo manifold, 3inch stainless steel downpipe and turbo back exhaust made by Lee at HC. Car is built to be a reliable daily, gets very good mpg if you stay out of boost. Car runs perfect makes great power, awesome torque and have a lot of potential. Only issue I had was the passenger side axle. OEM axles can’t handle this much power anymore so a high performance 400+hp axle is on its way…torque is always fun!

The price has not been determined but is expected to be above 12K. Please only inquire if youre serious and have the funds to purchase. PM me if youre REALLY interested and i will arrange to meet and show the car.



Congrats on the wedding plans, good luck with the car :slight_smile:

glws hot car

wow good luck with your future plans, sad that you have to sell your car,

someone buy this!

thanks guys…like I said not in a big hurry but if you want a low 12s high 11s car let me know :slight_smile:

everyone is selling there cars holy crap


but … but … but its not vtec … how can it be tha fast ?

good luck with the sale

^^ lol for an extra 30hp and headechs, no thanks

torque > vtec

when I took you for a quick spin at only 10psi, did you liked that? :slight_smile:

i guess it was accptable :tup: lol


glwts puta

will post pics later

wow…so you’re out of the game too…Huh?
I’ve heard a lot about that car… you should take me for a SPIN before you sell it…I’ve never been in a fast INtegra…lol…jk

Goood Luck with the Sale bro!

come to bao today so i can drive it!

does it pass inspection??

I got the sticker :naughty:

bump just cause a got another ride in it yesterday :slight_smile:

Gotta do what you gotta do Juan. I hope it doesnt sell before i get back, id like to get one more ride in the back seat. :naughty:

car is NOT longer for sale, I’m going to keep this sexy lady and owning vettes on the streets

too good to let it go

good … after i burnt the shit out of my hands swapping that water jacket hose while the engine was at full temp … on the side of the road no less…u better b keeping it

now come get the MBC from tom and turn up the boost