FS: or FT: 1990 Crx 5 speed

450$ I’ll get updated pics this weekend of the new offer below, if it dosen’t sell thsi weekend.
Again my price is firm, thanks.

The exterior will be
a hood with a dent in the front by emblem.
fenders, one with a dent in the front, the other one rusty
89 style front bumper,
89 style head lights.
clear corner markers
carbon fiber tail lights.

car will be sold on stock steelies for this price
It has a Clean Pa title (because thats where i bought the car from)
Now onto the Car
all lights work, and are the PROPER colors per Laws of the road.
on to the interior
Apc acing seats
the rear interior seen behind the seats is NOT included
ive put like 163 miles on it sense end of july.
The car is not on the road.]

door panels, have normal seatbelt marks
This car runs good, shifts fine, NO Grinds
The only reason im selling is to fund my other Project (project paris)
This car would be a perfect daily driver, it blows heat… this car came without Ac , even tho the control i installed has a Ac button.
i repaired the control, so its not Cracked, and fully functional.
Heres a List of some of the stuff done to the car.

  • 4-2-1 Header and Good OEM Exaust
  • Duplicolor Painted Valve Cover Candy Red
  • New WaterPump and Timing Belt
  • K&n Cone Air Filter
  • NGK Wires
  • Retured to stock Height
  • OEM springs / Struts
  • Carbon Fiber Style Tails
  • Sonar Clear Corners w/ Amber Bulbs

(The only thing to even consider a problem with this car, is the idle surges a tad bit from time to time.
the IACV probably needs to be cleaned.
I Cant be bothered with cleaning it, because its dual point, and id Just mpfi Swap it before id clean it.
I Also have an extra IACV so you can clean that one and swap them if you wish.

-you can jump in this car, and drive it away, no problem.
-im confident it will make it anywhere
-Before i put any work into it, i drove it 155 miles without ANY Problems to my house.
-This car drives Nice. Good to go, Need another CRX, this is your car.
are you Afraid to winter your Crx?
Winter this CRX.

The car has had 1 or 2 more registrations sense this carfax

-Carfax on the 1990 CRX
VIN: JHMED8353LS016197
Year/Make/Model: 1990 HONDA CIVIC CRX DX
Body Style: HATCHBACK 2 DR
Engine Type: 1.5L L4 FI
Manufactured In: JAPAN
Search Results: 6 records found in our database
12/23/1990 45
New York Motor Vehicle Dept.
Jamestown, NY Title issued or updated
First owner reported
Loan or lien reported
03/12/1997 118,216 New York
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Jamestown, NY Title issued or updated
Loan or lien reported
06/01/1998 120,000 New York
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Frewsburg, NY Title issued or updated
Loan or lien reported
05/10/1999 152,374 New York
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Jamestown, NY Title issued or updated
Loan or lien reported
04/21/2000 165,350 Pennsylvania
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Warren, PA Title or registration issued
09/13/2004 186,980 Pennsylvania
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Russell, PA Title issued or updated
New owner reported

any oil or other fluid leaks? how many miles? glws.

do u happen to still have the stock seats???

miles are on the cluster. 203k

thanks for the good luck :smiley: i hope so too

no it dosent burn or leak oil :-o

and i just did a new water pump, so if it leaked antifreeze, id be Pissed ahahaha

As for the stock seats.

No i dont have the stock seats, i bought it without seats, the only stock seats i have are in my other Crx.

the other car is the whole reason for selling this one, i have a daily driver, i bought this to be my daily driver… but ended up fixing it all up for the next owner.

Free bump from a former CRX owner.

DAMNIT ALL. I would buy this now. Right now. If i was in town to pick it up. I am so angry I can’t get it. Fuck.

have a family member come pay for it / pick it up?

i dunno man, im not of much help with you being out of town i guess ahahaha

thanks tho :smiley: all the itnrest makes me remember why i love Ny better than the other 49 :smiley:

wow i try to sell my swapped crx and no one wants nothing to do with in now u through this on here for 1500 and people are lookin for money wow

its easier to sell non swapped then a swap most of the time

i heard about your rex, im sure its probably nice man, most are nice.

i posted 1500 i expect peopel to talk me down a few hundred.

if i had oem seats, this would be gone by now.

Maybe because yours didn’t run, and needed a gas tank?!

ouch, gas tanks suck, i changed one into thsi car… it was a hell job without a lift.

but now its got a nice not rusty gas tank.

c’mon someone get this gone 1300 or best offer maybe?

make an excellent xmas gift.

if someone meets my 1300$

ill throw in a dohc ZC + ECU + SI transmission

last time my car didnt run was last year and everything has been fixed new tank swapped ,rewired everything
dont say my shit dont run the burnout vid that i had on here would prove that car ran and that was with the first motor in it now i have a A6 with 40,000 miles on it fom an 89 crx si

I didn’t say it doesn’t run now. When you had it listed for sale here, it didn’t. I don’t see another FS thread other than this one. http://www.nyspeed.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21907

could you guys like, buy my car? ahahahaha

thanks for the free bumps tho.

i really need this gone, the money is for xmas gifts :frowning:

ill buy the seats

150 and they are yours, i payed that and drove 4 hrs to pick them up.

i guess if people want parts. im not itnrested in parting it yett.

but 150 firm for the seats

200 b/o for the wheels n tires (they are like new tires 500 miles or less)

front fenders 150$ firm

hood 50$

i have an extra hood with a small dent by the emblem 40$
doors 200$ firm.

tailights 75$

glove box 40$
consoul cover 40$
cd player 85$
lock box 40$
speaker covers 40$
cargo cover 40$

4 rear access covers for the tail lights and 2 for the rear shocks 80$ picked up (these are rare and hard to find)

working clock / mint vent 25$

open to offers on the doors now how about 150$ for the pair?

ive got an almost mint rear bumper support for these, has one tiny spot of rust at the center in the top smaller then a quarter sized, came from down south
140$ (rare rare rare)

90 91 new upper control arms with new ball joints, still in the original new plastic, will fit civic Ef aswell

90$ picked up.

ive got mint 1990 / 1991 crx tail lights, no cracks, crx sticker still in tact 150$ picked up.

amber corners, black housing , not cheap ebay silver housing crap

fits usdm crx’s (not sir front ends)


ive got a Set of OEM dx seats, passenger side almost mint no rips, drives side has some bolster rip / wear

150$ picked up. color is blue

88/89 pedal assembly, for auto - manual swap

50$ picked up

3 hatches 2 with wipers 50$ a piece, picked up.

ive got another set of 1990 crx doors with original mouldings, almost mint one clip broke on a moulding 200$ picked up.

ive got the rear side windows left and right side glass 50$ for the pair picked up

spare window glass 50$ for the pair.

SIR amber corners for the fenders the markers on the side of the fenders by the door.

30$ picked up, mint condition.

anythign else you might need that isnt trivial parts, let me know, i might have it.

i need this stuff gone, ill cutt deals the more you buy, the more you save

so you posted a video of a burnout you did with it huh? that would make me wanna buy it so bad!