fuel pressure gauge

What is a good fuel pressure gauge to use, anyone who has one, tell me your experience.


is that a 1/8npt fitting on it? also what fpr do you use? also where did you install it? most ppl I ask say between the fpr and fuel filter.

Between the FPR and the fuel filter to drop in a FPR!!! You must mean the guage. In that case…


Here is a link for a 240sx suited gauge with the proper fittings.

I use a Megan Racing adjustable FPR on my RB20. I try to stay away from the Megan stuff b/c honestly I hate supporting Chinese slave labour and also, it comes outta China. USUALLY, a replica product means recipricating quality. However, I have had zero problems with it and it comes with a gauge on top of it. Between the fuel filter and the rail is fine to drop in a FPR.

Are you wanting to have the gauge for adjustability purposes or just to have an idea of fuel pressure?

I bought mine at Mopac for $30 and used $3 in fittings from Greggs. Works fine and looks good. I don’t have any pics (which is weird for a pic whore like myself) but I installed mine between the filter and fuel rail like posted above.

I did the same on the turbo van for about 12.00 with parts from Greggs.