g6 is pulling to the left


turn steering wheel more to the right

flat tire, bad ball joint, tie rod end, alignment, brake caliper locked up


how about grooves in road?

shoulda of kept the caddy


if you didnt sell the caddy, you wouldnt of ended up with a totalled hundyai and now with a pulling left G6 :slight_smile:

you said braks squeal, have to checked to see if your caliber is hanging up? can you smell brakes at times?

does your wheel wobble at all? do you hear a howling from front end as in bad wheel bearing?

how does tire wear look? have you gotten alignment

pop hood and look to see if car was in accident and maybe not pulled straight or fixed correctly


that sounds like the lamest internet reply ever… its a common problem that brakes squeal

did it pull prior to tires being put on?
are the tires correct air pressure all way around?

get it aligned and report back

the brake noise is the pads the only ones that we have found that dont make any noise are the wagner thermo quiets from advance

awesome thanks !! for 40 bucks ill give em a try !

I think this is a case of the “Toyota” syndrome. Fucking retards are allowed to own cars and this is the result.

Just hold onto the wheel and turn “right” when it turns “left” for you, problem solved.


could be the extra torque and horsepower that you gained from the HID’s and CAI?

maybe :dunno:

karma…God’s way of bitch slapping you

“<slap>act like a man” - don corleone


broken TA is still > hyundai lol

by the way U CHOOSE to do that to ur TA…

the only thing i regret on the TA was the 4,000 stall without the gears to back it up ! that and launching with a 1.57 - 60 foot with no subframe connectors :slaphead: