getting around blocked email?

my work decided to block a bunch of email servers recently (gmail, yahoo mail, aol mail, ect…) and I was wondering if there was a way to get around it thru a proxy or something.

everytime I try to log into gmail it says that the cookie function is turned off in my browser (which it’s not, as I’m able to get on here and various other forums). anyone have any ideas?


they probably have just those few cookies blocked, im not much of a h4x0r, wish i could be of more help. If i were u i would use Remote desktop or VNC to log into ur home computer and use ur personal shit from there

download firefox

yeah u can use a proxy if a: your work even has one, and b: if your work opens it up to the email servers, which they wont, since they already blocked it.

pretty lame to block web mail

If you are able to modify proxy settings you may want to try a remote proxy. Seems to usually work for most things like that.

try the foreign versions?
like or something?