Global News - Street Racing Interview NEEDED?

In case anyone here is interested…call her cell below…

"hey there,
i’m a reporter for Global News - looking to interview someone who wants to
show off their ride on tv. don’t worry, won’t show face/licence plate.
i’m doing a story on the growing phenomenon of illegal street racing and
need to find a racer to interview (don’t just want the cops point of view).
would also like to show viewers how much people spend on souping up their
vehicles and how hot the cars can be.

the story will air on our special Indy show this friday. need to shoot the
interview TONIGHT.

if you or your friends are interested,
give me a shout at:
Reporter, Global News
M: (416) 571-9908"

I better not turn on the tv to see some guy explaining how cheap 240’s are, etc.

Because thats the last thing we need.

As far as the media is concerned, 240s dont street race.


actually someone should go on and talk about how we dont street race
and how we go to teh track.

yes for the love of god no incar video of a 240 with a sony xplode system running lights and racing minivans and such (bonus points if nawwws is mentioned)

if anything a well set up car and track day talk would be nice. but that wouldn’t make for much of a story

yeah who would do that shit, it will make us look worse to the average folk

gimme $100 and a bj and ill do it

i seem to recall some people here giving advice on how to do a top speed run to a new member … exactly the kind of person who would love to be interviewed and talk about it i think :shock:

Is she asian?

down boy :lol:

tell her to goto torontocivics and interview sum dude bro sir Vtec power

anyone ever notice how dude-bro’ses cars (vtec’s) sounds like a coffee grinder…

^^^ This was written by a reporter???

^^ haha so true, i didnt even notice

I bet she doesn’t even have a drivers’ licence. Right now she’s probably watching 2 fast 2 Furious to get some interview material.

Here’s an excerpt of the actual interview,

Mina: “So, do you ever hijack speeding transport trucks carrying dvd players?”

interviewee: “No, what are you on crack?”

Mina: “What was it like working with Vin Deisel?”

interviewee: “Lady, put down the pipe!”

Mina: “What’s it like living your life one quarter mile at a time?”

interviewee: “I’m going home now”

hahaahahah that’s good!

yesterdays news… well sorta.


teh locked