Got any traffic tickets ? Read up

If your like me I was issued a traffic ticket for a moving violation to do with exceeding the speed limit. And I go to court in 7 months ( the incident happened in june
So if you got them read up this will tell you different ways to get your case dismissed or dramatically reduced.
P.S: this isnt a free pass and there is no garuntee that anything implemented here will work, if you dont want to pay speeding tickets, or high insurance DONT BREAK THE LAW!

Bookmarked. Thanks :wink:

That site’s old news. But also probably the best site on fighting tickets. I’m surprised some people still don’t know about it.

There was another site that had tips on things you can do while driving to avoid tickets, lemme search my bookmarks

who needs a site to figure out how to avoid tickets, for the most part…its common sense…follow the rules of the road lol


but it was a site that gives you tips on how to SPEED without getting a ticket. I highly doubt anyone goes 100km/h on any of the 400 series highways. I say average is 120-140km/h.

I’m one of them that do! lol …nooo tickets for me, i cant afford tickets when i need to buy parts for my car