Got the tib on the dyno finally
Right Click save as please

ran into some problems with the greddy type S leaking ~ 14 psi

the car only did 263 WHP and 265 Tq

The HP curve hits a wall @ 4500 RPM when the BOV starts leaking air sooo if u follow the curve up to what it was like @ lower boost levels before it was leaking i can expect about another 30-40 WHP @ this boost level when i get that taken care of with my new tial BOV

overall im prettty happy with it

i gotta get a EGT bung welded into the manifold so i can push the car higher into the boost and get the car into the 4’s


nice :tup:

thats what you get for using a greddy s

but nice so far…

eat it, i got a tial sitting 6inches from me

and where was it for the dyno bia? apparently doing a great job on your desk :eek:


i bought it @ mikes after we figured out why it was platauing where it was

greddy type S = teh suck

mine leaked, every dsm ive seen using one leaked…

now tial…or hks…:tup:


yeah not to mention you are running very rich. Does your gauge just not give a reading when it reads below 10.0 because I seen a few times in the video you were low 11’s AF and the gauge would read - - - a few seconds later

My NA valve never leaks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah AEM wideband gauges dont read below 11.0 AFR but the output will read below that so it will show up on your standalone EMS.

Youll be happy with the tial Brian, just throw the greddy up on egay.

Nice #s!


Hey glad to see it is finally running

need better numbers tho!!!

tial or SSQV :slight_smile:

we would have to see the graph to do that now wouldnt we.

I can’t believe you did all that building and didn’t have an EGT bung installed in the first place.


Glad to finally see some numbers out of that thing, it’s been like 4 years or something silly.

I picked up two tenths off my 1/4 just by getting rid of my leaky pos bov.

:tup: on the numbers and the projected numbers would be hawt.

no comment


There are a number of things holding the car back at this point, but the BOV was the most glaring. Hoses were also popping off once the boost was turned up, so some of them may still be leaking. Once those issues are fixed it should perform better, but the car still needs:

3" full exhaust with a good muffler
larger throttle body
better intake manifold
then the exhaust manifold may become an issue

We’ll see what happens. The Haltech is handling the fuel management well. I’m happy with the way it’s held the tune I put on it.

The AEM gauge doesn’t read below 11.0 a/f. He’s at 10.9 in spots at the moment. The car is struggling to get the air out and I’m betting it needs the fuel cooling. Once Bryan gets the EGT gauge in we’ll see about leaning it out, but it didn’t make any more power in that RPM range when it was run leaner.