Governor Cuomo

You piece of fucking shit. Why did I bother paying off my loans and working during school? You fucking piece of shit. There’s no point in making an intellectual argument or taking a rational position, unless one of you assholes has a time machine because anything else won’t make a difference.

Fucked in the fucking butt hole again.

Can’t wait for all these art history scum bags to jerk off on their mid terms with my tax dollars.


Free college will be offered to many NYS residents, whom will graduate and leave NY to avoid picking up the tab.
Many successful people and businesses will leave NY to avoid picking up the tab.
NY will continue to make the sucking sound it has for decades.

Time to buy some cheap rental properties for all the kids that will move to NYS for FREEBIES.

I’ve never gone to college, simply because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Might be time to pick up the books again now that it’s free!

The cut off is $125k for a family income after property taxes and all other taxes in NYS :tif:

This is a fucking joke. Does nothing for anyone who went through the system or stuck paying massive student loads back at almost predatory rates. Also, if you are paying student loan interest and someone that pays your bills on time and have a decent pay check, you can’t write it off at any level on your returns.

$100,000 is the cut off for now. $125,000 starts in 3 years.

Guess it’s time to apply to go to school again.

So who the fucking fuck is going to pay my god damn undergrad and my NYS required masters?? Fucking son of a bitch.

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I’ll be paying my loans off for another decade yet some retard in high school is going to get their degree in criminal justice warrior studies and it’ll cost them nada.

Well FUCK this shit. I am close to paying off my loans which is a great accomplishment for me. I went to school and knowingly took out the money to do so. It was an investment in me, that is clearly paying off.

Also, the fact that I too much now to deduct student loan interest on my taxes is a fucking joke.

Prince Andrew doesn’t fucking care. Nuts all the votes he’ll ever need and taxpayers foot the bill. Fucking douchebagery never ends with this piece of shit.

It is going to get worse. Anything he can to get in the spot light and get the future votes. He definitely is going to have a presidential run in 2020.

Waiting for this to backfire. People move to NY to take advantage of it and push local people out of going to SUNY schools making them super competitive.

Link to free education?

It just passed in the budget

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I’ve been debating about a property near UB myself. Thing is they have been building massive amounts of senior and student housing through the “recovery”.

However someone mentioned this on Facebook

“First, you have to be a NY resident to enroll in the program. So we won’t be getting an influx of students trying to take advantage of the scholarship.Second, must be a full time student (30+ credit hours).
[FONT=inherit]Third, the student must maintain a grade point average sufficient enough to graduate(most often, a 2.0).
Fourth, it only covers tuition, not room and board.
Fifth, upon graduating, the student must live and work within NYS for the same number of years they used the program.
If the student fails to maintain the grade point average or does not live/work in NYS following graduation, the money they used will be converted into a loan which they will have to repay the state.

Going to be weird though when the job market here sucks and you walk away with a 4 year degree in something


I read some last night. The requirement seems to be 1 year in NYS per year of college the taxpayers paid for. See my rant on Facebook, what kind of idiot proposes this and suggests year for year delivers anywhere near enough ROI to justify the program? He’s also talking about attempting to cap tuition, fuzzy math given the influx of students will surely require more teachers and god forbid we don’t grow administrative bloat above all else. LOL

Pisses me off. Wife and I pay $8k in student loan interest per year, we get to write off 2500 per year, no more.

Next year we will knock down over 100k as a couple (which isn’t a lot of money at all), so we can’t write off anything.

I have friends who bought their house and cars, then stopped paying private loans.

Their credit is shit and they don’t care. The private loan companies settled with them for pennies on the dollar a few years later.

Only federal loans can garnish wages, take irs returns.

Speaking of returns, I haven’t had one in 5 years. I pay taxes every year.

I didnt go to college and yet I still have to pay for it…dumb

I can’t wait to see what this does to the economy.

  1. Becoming a resident is super easy, you rent a place and switch your DL. Whoopty do
  2. The job market will only get worse. Kids will work or anything for ~4 years because you have to stay in state.
  3. Taxes will go bonkers
  4. Lets start opening colleges $$

It’s all a plot for him to secure votes in 2020.