The Joys of NY State v. Free College For Inmates


More fun your taxes pay for in NY. I really wished this was a Onion article.

BUFFALO (WKBW) At a church service near Albany on Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his newest project, a plan to provide a college education to criminals at ten prisons across the state.


Since 2007, the state Department of Corrections has partnered with colleges including Cornell University and Bard to offer privately funded degree programs at 22 prisons.

He is just going to expand on this current program. It’s not like he is providing them with a full ride through college. I’m not totally on board with what5 he is trying to do, but is trying to reduce the amount of criminals going back to prison after being released really that bad of a thing?

Too many people are uniformed about this subject and just assuming the facts. If they did the research, they would know that there is already a program in place at some prisons and he is just looking to expand on it.


Education isn’t what prevents retards from going back to jail/prison. It’s an upbringing that’s missing. Fuck this noise.


Fuck all of this.


Yes, saw this an immediately thought of the BS thread.


the more education we can give criminals the better for society, I just don’t want to pay for it. this article sucks because it simply says “college education” which could be anything from a plumbing class to becoming a doctor, who knows? The one thing that is for sure is that desperate people without skills/education are more likely to commit crimes.

here is a better article:

this is hard to argue with in terms of value to the taxpayer when you factor in that it costs us more to keep a person in Prison for a year than to send them to Harvard:

New York state’s recidivism rate stands at 40%, according to state data. An existing program called the Bard Prison Initiative—which provides college education and a Bard College degree to incarcerated individuals at six prisons in New York state—has a recidivism rate of 4% for the people who have participated in the program since 1999.


Cuomo said the state pays $60,000 a year to keep a prisoner incarcerated and 40 percent return to prison. Current college programs in prison cost taxpayers just $5,000 a year per prisoner, he said.

I guess the big question is, will it really prevent them from going back to prison? 40% returning to prison is obviously a pretty big problem.

Also note, we are all paying $5k already for these prisoners to get college tuition. Everybody is just up in arms now because it hit mainstream media.


We should be able to decide which taxes we want to pay. If everyone was able to say “fuck that noise” and prisons were total shit holes, they’d think twice to commit crimes.

Prisons/jails are for punishment, not for rehab.


I don’t think lack of college accessibility is the reason why people turn to crime in local school systems. I also don’t know of any instance that someone on the streets turned to a life of crime after not being able to get into college to pay for it. Lastly, repeat offenders are people that go back to the life they are good at. I would seriously doubt any study that shows that lack of college education is the reason no one hires an inmate after they get it.

“Well sir, you have no high school diploma, you murdered 2 people, and you were caught stealing from your last employer. Unfortunately you don’t have an accredited degree so we can not offer you this job”

Problem is local schools have no programs and path for kids that get involved with crime. Add the fantastic parents they are faced with each day and paying for college is not the answer.


you either must work for the Prison system, or just really like paying taxes?

to Boxxa’s point, if we can stop this whole thing to begin with that’s even better.


You are just assuming that this program teaches math, language and history. How do you know that the program doesn’t teach real life events that people who were in prison were never offered before they committed their crime.

I’m just playing devils advocate, just as you are.

People don’t even realize that they pay for this already and they just want to bitch. Buffalo is full of people making >30k a year who just like to bitch that they pay too much in taxes and don’t make enough money.

What I’m getting at, is that there is already a program in place that the governor wants to expand on, but because it his WKBW, now everyone wants to be apart of the complaining.

I also agree that this should not be on the taxpayers back. If the numbers are true and it really does cost 60k a year, would you really complain if another $5k was spent and it helped 5 criminals to secure a job out of prison that helped them afford an apartment and possibly a car?

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all I can think about now is that I could build like 4 cells in my basement and only charge the state $50/per and pull in $200k before taxes and expenses, all while workin’ from home!


People with out a criminal background and a 4 year degree can’t even find worth while jobs in NY.

Not to mention just about every serious place that requires a 4 year degrees also requires some sort of basic background check and just about anything you would end up in jail long enough to complete college for would disqualify you.

It’s cool though let SUNY schools and other schools keep increasing their prices 20-30k plus so when well adjusted people who attempt to do everything right can walk away with 60-70k+ in student loans :lol:

We are also not talking about teaching them a trade in prison bachelors and associate degrees were specially mentioned.


I would like to see all of the liberal teachers put their money where their mouth is and volunteer their time.


I came.



My other thought was to pay for basic training and send them to Afghanistan.


No child left behind!!!

No prisoner left behind!!!

We can’t go wrong!


Wait. So I can get a free meal, free place to sleep, free entertainment, a free gym membership, hang with the bro’s, no bills and now debt free education?

Where do I sign up???


I started that thread for a reason. Don’t hesitate to use it.

I’d be happy to kick in some extra cash and possibly help someone to turn their life around…if they weren’t sitting in prison getting more sleep than I am and getting more cable channels than I do. I watched the Shawshank Redemption the other night (again) and I think the work details should be re-implemented. I don’t see anyone being beaten and whipped to work and maybe if prison weren’t such an easy ride, there’d be people who are actually afraid of ending up there.

This is true. You may have “graduated with honors” from Attica University but if you were convicted of a crime serious enough to put you in there, who’s going to roll the dice and hope you’ve changed your ways? People choose crime because it’s the easier path. You can choose to work hard, study, read, and learn and make something of yourself and take advantage of opportunities available to you. Parents don’t instill a sense of pride in their children anymore and find it easier to use the “get yours” or “get what’s coming to you” or “it’s owed to you” mentality. I didn’t grow up dirt poor, but damn close and I got good grades in school and took advantage of the education presented to me. I may not be Donald Trump but I can have a sense of pride that I can pay my bills and take care of my family, and hopefully teach my son the same lesson.


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