Great start to the day...

like a minute from my house the morning on my way home from work the power steering pump exploded in the sunfire. So power steering fluid + hot exhaust = james bond smoke screen rest of the way home and in my driveway. Cant wait to get under there later today to see what exactly took a shit. Im hoping it was only a hose and not the actual pump.

So who thinks its going to be the pump and who thinks its just going to be a hose?

I say Hose

Hose + 1

ive seen sunfire pumps go, so it could be either.

For yor sake I hope hose.


You do realize that PS fluid is flamable and will start fires easily when in contact with hot exhaust components and your dumb ass probably shouldn’t have driven anywhere right?

And you do realize you stupid fuck that it was better that i drove it the 30sec to my house where if it started on fire i had access to a hose to put it out instead of letting my car sit on the side of the road and burn since the PS fluid was leaking onto hot exhaust reguardless of if i drove it 30 sec more or not.

And on a side note its good to see you are going to act like a little dipshit on this board also :tup:


Actually, you’re wrong. Opening the hood and spraying water on it would have been worse than letting it sit on the side of the road.

Great way to let your ignorance shine through though.



So allowing the car to burn on the side of the road> putting the fire out?

ya didnt you know i should let my car burn on the side of the road instead of driving 30sec to my house where i have a hose by the front door, a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and a phone to call the fire department among other things to save my car.

its actually best to sit in the car while it burns…

If you read, he said he was about 1 minute (60 seconds) away from his house on his way home…

I’m sure almost everyone would have done the same exact thing…

Relax a bit man, insults suck.

And as far as the car goes, with it being a Jbody, it could be anything man, for for $'s sake, I hope it’s only a hose as well.

Good luck with it.

you could have just given your .02 without insulting him, but whatever - nothing we’re not used to on the other forum. why hasn’t someone banned your IP yet?

Apparently he’s liked by certain people. :lockd:

Goodluck with the car man

Something you guys have to understand about Walter, he’s a cock to the core so don’t expect nice warm and fuzzy remarks out of his mouth or any sympathy…

so / him. If I came on here and insulted everyone, id get banned.

If that’s the way you were through and through, no you wouldn’t. Not many people would like you but you wouldn’t get banned. You forget what forum you are on? :wink:


some brilliant “car people” on here, don’t even know what to do when there is a fire in your car.