uhh…long story short, a friend with a yellow corvette reminded me about ubrf, and then reminded me that nyspeed is the place to be so I registered. I wanted a way to keep in touch with WNY people…saw a few familiar names here.

I am from Fredonia…I moved to Charlotte, NC for the larger automotive atmosphere (lots more job opportunities, tracks & happenings here) three years ago, but I still come back to NY to visit. In fact I maaaaay be back next week…anything going on? Anyway down here I am a technician at a dodge dealership. Oh and I’m Kelly and I’m 20.

Anyway. The car (s).

Currently, my 00 Z28, I bought it stock after my 01 Z28 was run over by a semi in January. Mods since March…mti clear air lid, k&n filter, slp loudmouth exhaust, pro 5.0 shifter, LS6 intake manifold, boxed LCAs & panhard bar, 160* thermostat, triangular weld-in subframe connectors, bilstein HD shocks, eibach prokit springs (front), rear isolators removed (rear), bmr shock tower brace, !AIR, !EGR, slotted & cross drilled rotors, g2 rear end girdle, polyurethane bushings, black 17" ZR-1 wheels, tuning with tunercats software, SLP grille, clear corners, painted headlights, whiteface gauges, blue LED gauge lighting, !DRL, camaro caliper decals.

I run mid 8’s with it in the eighth, on one hell of a slipping clutch. Thinking about going with a spec 3?

You probably read I deleted EGR & AIR, but I haven’t gotten headers just yet…for the mean time these are blocking the tubes… (some will get it some wont :wink: )

I had an 02 cougar back in the day before I moved…it was slow but sort of pretty. If you want to know more nonsense about me I have a website.

take care.


lol that was fast! Welcome to the board Kelly :tup:

I’ve been waiting for a place like this :slight_smile:

There are many good NC boards to keep in touch with people, but I have looked high and low for a NY forum…now I got it !

:lol: I just noticed the moonanite(sp) guy from ATHF over the intake filter, nice!

Welcome… :tup: to girls who do their own work.

very hot z28, welcome to the board :wave:

nothing wrong with an aquateen fan, not into domestics but i have to say that ur ride is nice, welcome and enjoy nyspeed

hot ride, would turn my head :tup:

man, that pool is bitchin’


When you say stage 3 clutch i assume you are refering to SPEC. If thats the case DO NOT get a stage 3 from them. Search ls1tech for all the problems they have. Their stage 4 is a lot better. Same price, same torque rating, only difference is that its unsprung. People say its not “streetable” but i have one in my trans am and i have no problem with it at all. And this is the clutch i learned to drive a manual with.

:wave: nice whip too!

I remember you!

whats sup :tup:


nice car :tup:

HoTt Ride :wave:

I’ve driven on a stage 3 quite a bit and I think it’s a nice compromise between a strip clutch and a street clutch. I personally know quite a few people that have them, clutches still going strong after many miles.

I really don’t want to go stage 4. Not only is it more expensive (and rated for more power than I will have for a looong time) but my car is my daily driven, 500 mile a week in heavy traffic car…i just think a stage 4 would be overdoing it a bit.

Thanks for the warm welcome all! :slight_smile:

everywhere i have seen it being sold the stage 4 costs the same as the stage 3. They are rated the same. Only difference is that the stage4 is unsprung. Its actually easy to drive, with the hydrolic clutch in our cars you can still easily slip it. But its your choice, just giving some extra info. I know only the bad stories get posted online so i know there has to be a bunch of happy people out there with stage3 clutches otherwise they wouldnt sell at all.

Welcome aboard and nice ride :tup:

Not too many domestic thugettes around, its good to see :tup:

welcome. definately nice to see a girl that knows her shit. nice car, one of the nicest z28s ive seen.