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Taking a gamble posting this on here, but hell, why not…

A couple years ago I (with the help of others, primarily Newman, Nick, Checko) built a 77’ CB550K as some of you may have known it. I sold it even though I never should have, here are some pictures of it along with a minty SS I also owned and sold:





I then built a turbo Miata but, it wasn’t the same as bombing around on an old vintage motorcycle. Since I was getting the itch again, I had been lurking Craigslist daily. I then stumbled upon a deal I couldn’t pass up, a lot of three- CB550’s with a bunch of spare parts, so I jumped on it. The intent was to sell the two I wasn’t using and build and keep one, and that’s what I am doing.


1978 CB550 donor:

I learned a lot from my last build, but I wanted to take it to the next level this time around…I wanted to build a bratty CB, meaty tires, GSXR front end, Excel wheels, etc etc. While this still may be true, I still may toss clip-ons on it eventually. That being said, the “build” started.

Newman started out by making my GSXR front end work for me. Made spacers, adapter, axle, etc from scratch:



Added Biltwell bars for now:

Also running a vintage GM truck fog-light with louvers as my headlight:


Starting disassembling my motor. The head needed to be decked, cleaned and have some valve guides replaced. I had them replaced with some KPMI(I think, been a while) that I had picked up from a member on the Honda forum. Jerry Brett does awesome machine work.


Sent out all of the following covers including my valve cover to get powder-coated (Detective Coating) in a hyper black color.


Accompanied by a nice Stainless Engine Bolt Kit from Alloy Boltz.


Also purchased a clear points cover from FB-stuff(will need paint):

So Newman came through for me again making some kick-ass knee dents in my tank. Also pictured is my MotoLanna seat.











I am running Excel Takasago 18x2.5” F&R I picked up from Buchanon’s which were re-drilled so I can run my factory hubs with their SS spokes. These are currently getting new AllBallz bearings and getting laced to Silver powder-coated hubs I purchased from a member. I took a gamble for now with the tire concern since they are fairly cheap to test sizes out. I ran these tires on my last build and loved them, especially for the coin. I ordered Kenda K657(F&R) 110-90/18 & 130/90/18. A 130 may look funky(meaty) so we shall see once I get them mounted what I’m dealing with.


This is the picture of the rear hub only, obviously not running the Cognito Moto front hub, just to show the color of the PC:

At this point, the short block will be getting soda blasted and primer/painted with some Dupli-color products I picked up. The color of the paint is an aluminum with ceramic resin (DE1650) and the primer is self-etching(DPP101). It’s also getting re-ringed with some new rings/gaskets/etc.


As of now, I’d like to purchase a CB650 cam to give it a little more oomph but still on the fence about it. The head/intake will be getting some light porting as well as a MotoGPWerks exhaust. The end is not near, but I am glad to have such knowledgeable, positive individuals to help point me the right direction. Stay tuned for some updates, hopefully they don’t bore you! http://forums.sohc4.net/Smileys/default/smiley.gif


Looks awesome!

My favorite part is that headlight. LOL.

Gotta love new rubbers!



Looking good. Can’t wait to see this finished product.


Also, is that points cover off a 3d printer?

Doesn’t appear so. Looks like it is urethane. He does offer an alloy cover that has been out of stock.

I know his earlier covers and other products were vacuum formed, but I know he does do 3D printing as well…


Tanks and engine builds are sexy, muy bueno. :smiley:


Cool stuff :tup:

Sidecar plans?


I am currently waiting for a local one to drop a tad more in price so I can scoop it up. It would be going on my Nighthawk 750 though, not this thing.
@newman loves this look:


needs more babecage

So not much of an update but…

The hard part of my fuel tank is done, @newman finished welding it and coated it with a Kreem tank liner.

So there is a company called MotoGPWerks who makes a fantasitc hard to come by SS exhaust for these bikes, they only make about 8 of them a year as the company has more important duties to attend apparently. I shot Chris(the owner) an email for shits and giggles and boom, he had ONE left so I jumped on it.

These aren’t my pics or video but this is what it looks/sounds like:



Most of the Honda fan-boys will hate me but, I’m thinking of having @BREETIME cut the tip (just the tip) off and make a true MotoGP style turndown tip.

Tonight will consist of welding the rear hoop end-piece section closed to make it look presentable and attempting to fit the frame in an abrasive cabinet to sandblast and get it ready for paint.

      • Updated - - -

Also having some fitment issues with my wheel setup, hopefully this gets figured out and completed within the next couple weeks.

Lookin good chooch!



Go fix your motorcycle. :lol:

This looks real good dude. Keep it up and maybe you’ll motivate me.