Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


yes sir plus a good diet. not a seceret but ppl only think modding the motor is the only way to go fast


whipple on a cobra = lights out to most supras


note… most!

but i do agree… those new cobras can be mean…


usually whippled cobras, tuned properly, with a decent suspension can be knocking on the 9 second door step

I believe it was some import mag, that dubbed the Cobra “American Supra”

due to its ease of gaining HP, and its 1000hp bottom end


i dont doubt it, i would take one.


oh ya… ill sell ya mine lol


i know…its the last thing i do…i did gears first then exhaust then suspenison


do you realize all your posts dont count cause your in efights, welcome yourself…looks like youll be around for a while


i was wondering what the fuck was going on.


most of htis is fun, dont take it to heart unless you know it really is hearful


Well for mark not having his car tuned thats his fought u dont run ur mouth unless u can back it unlike u. Brians car was mail tunes not dynoed tuned. Yeah u can run ur mouth on here like the rest of the homos but in real life ull run like the little fat kick cahsing the twinky truck. Anyway here is my video and my times without juice enjoy cunts

www.nd.edu/~caschenb/streetcarchaos/conrad.mpeg right click save :madfawk:its hard to see but thats an 9.70 pass


darkstar ur a fucking asshole,read all the shit befor u back someone!


bad ass…nice car


see darkstar the first couple post in this thread

& his best time a 11.0,which i saw him run,& he busting on my 10.6 which he aint run,so u tell me o’great one,


can you fucking read what I wrote?

Not making any excuses for Brians win, but you cant really compare Marks slapped together, untuned setup against what this kid is running.

YOU were the one that brought Brian vs. Mark into it. All i said was that this kid should be making a shitload more power than what Mark was making. Im not even talking shit. Did I say “hahah V8Killer would beat the shit out of Brians camaro!!!” NO! I never even compared Brians camaro to this kid. so please, hum on my nutz, and learn how to read.



u learn to read, :mrT:


i read the thread. I also read the first post.

After that one post, he really didnt say anything, compared to the shit everyone was throwing at him… Any anything he did say that was insulting was in response to something that was said to him. Go ahead and get all pissy because i didnt jump on the bandwagon. :rolleyes:


:bsflag: him & mark may be like the only ones the dont really act the the vid! :finger2:


Mike you know a 1200 hp supra isnt good for anything lower than a 10.5

remember the dyno queen threads :smiley: