Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


V8 killer says spring-
spring comes and his parts get lost in the mail.
End of story


I quess once he seen that there are much faster cars on here then he thought he aint going to comeback. stupid fuckin noob got owned


I was thinking that about you.


what u want some to :wtcslap:


UMM, you don’t have a V6… you have an inline 6 if you have a supra


he has a inline 6 with a M3 too…his parents sold the thrift drug chain and bought him that stuff. he also claimed to run low 11’s on a AEM BASE map and never run race gas but I saw pictures of him dumping race gas in the car and a basemap the car won’t even start…get a life tool


I dont associate with f-bodys


i thought the same thing,what a :tool:


wow what a douche bag!!! doesnt even konw what kind of motor he has


it’s the special kind of supra… v6 rotary, with pistons and headers too!


How the hell can u get your car in the 11’s without even knowing what type of motor you have? Somethings wrong here…


my engine has vtech, and internal turbos


is it one of them special edition GTR/SVT/Vtec stangs


GTR-Type-R-Nismo-Greddy with the Superdupernosturboblowcharger Rotary engine with forged pistons.

but I dont know what engine I have, I just know it will smoke you.

I think its either an inline 6, or a V10, not sure.

but I know my mom… err I just dumped a lot of money into the rotary piston system. But I don’t know what it does exactly, but i just know that it can run 9’s.

But wait till next spring after I spend all of my christmas… err I mean hard earned money so i can be the roll racing champion… so you better watch out, because I’m the 4cyl killer, but I may have a 4cyl engine, I’m not to sure.


:bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :owned:


you’re the only stupid fucking noob thats getting owned in this thread.

11.0 and 135 mph is faster than most on this board. There are plenty of cars faster than your 9 sec car too (maybe not on this board, but go to the Hollywood knights website if you think you are the king shit of Pittsburgh or something). Unless your last name is Force, there is always gonna be someone faster than you. I love how you are talking mad shit on this kid, and he didnt call you out, or even say a damn word to you. In fact, he even made a comment about how nice of a run your car made.


why u riding his nuts(v8’skillme):asshole


why does it have to be about a noob? let me guess you got nothing else on him…band wagon person


just giving an objectove opinion.


it was a play on his post, in which he, being a noob, is calling someone else a stupis ass noob. I know these posts that I make that have more than a few words make your head hurt when you try to understand them, so I’d save youself the migraine and just put me on your ignore list.