Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


hollywood knights= trailor cars all day everyday…lets talk street cars. 11.0 is fast but noy be all end all and for him to lie about what is done to the car when it ran that is just gay…sorry…also why do you post here you have a beat ass maxima in another state and no one likes you




keep it in youre pants kids


come make son!




wow, i thought all of this was over… all i have to say is you guys are full of shit.

… oh yeah and shit i didnt know i had a inline 6… i was making post every 5 secs and it was just was a misprint, but you dicks cant see it like that… and if you think that i can pull a motor, basically remove every component and put it back together and have it running… to make almost 700rwhp. and i dont know what engine i have?? give me a break…

i forget who made the “oh yeah , in the spring, his parts will have gotten lost” … you have something coming to you buddy.

I also never said i didnt run race gas… the 11.0 was at 22psi … and anything over 18psi … ecspecially when your bustin ass down the track, its a good idea to throw in some race gas… dumb fuck.

“11.0 is fast, but considering what mods he has done to the car…” WTF? A turbo, cams, FMIC, AEM and fuel… jesus what a shit load of mods!!

and i also forgot who said that a 1200hp supra isnt good for 10.5… what kind of retard are you?? the fastest 6spd street supra… is only making 970rwhp. and running 9.6’s … newb.


your the only tool here…

1st few threads: “everyone is ganging up on the newb, ill do the same”
towards the middle: “oh darkstar likes him… so i am going to now”
and now im a douche… haha your a whole tool box.



ummmm, :gives: :1320:


… you guys are challenging me again…

… just wait, thats all i have to say…


no need to challenge something that isn’t built right now :zzz:


see u in the spring!


better believe it…

and shag … why the hell do you talk so much… mine might not be built, but shit you dont even have anything at all.


how about tonight?


as previous post read… and the reason why i cant do anything till spring is … that the motor is out of the car in chicago being bult, and the car is all over the place… but in the spring, ill be there.


for all you know, shag could have a supercharged 331 stroker, attached to a c4 automatic tranny and a built 9" rear


coming from a person who gotta wait till spring :zzz:

you bore me, Now go ask your parents for me, if i can get a pantera !!!


im not one of those kids, that has a wish list, attached to their noteboard.

my shit is all over the country getting ready for spring. it is getting done. and the car will be running by xmas, but due to tuning and a few other things i have to get done… going to have to wait till spring.


thats just some funny ass shit :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:


it is funny, me in a automatic stang :ugh: