Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


I bet come spring u will be still attached to ur mommy’s cord and ull never be able to run because mommy said no. Hahahahaha cut the cord u little bitch.


… your fuckin gay dude…

what happens when i ask you to run them… what is your excuse going to be???


lets go Im ready now and my shit was bought and paid for by me not my mommy :sex:


sure bring me into this…

yeah my car as scoops,a wing…and a kit…give me about 3 months,and it’ll be different, and it won’t be as slow as it is now… :booty:


im the tool…listen i know what motor i got…i never liked you…i like darkstar and agreed with some things he said…and im a whole tool box!!!..bet that u prob. cant even turn a wrench on ur own car!!! MOMMA’S BOY!!!


ok V8 killer you have no Idea who you are talking to about anything. you used mommy and daddy to buy all your cars period…and you know so much why is your motor in chicago being built? why didn’t you do it? talk is cheap and I am sure 8.1crew will be awaiting you with bells on whenever and where ever and for whatever


you prob. wear pink shirts when u go out wiht ur guy friends and take half naked pics of urself with a bunch of other dudes like twoforty


with your luck, the manuals, wouldnt hold up to well.


il be waiting for em too


11.0 is a hell of a lot faster than your shitbox. Nissan ownz you. And everyone here loves me. So stfu cumburp, before I send my girlfriends 12 year old sister to snap you in half.





his name is sam. He finally put a bolt on turbo kit on his Type-R, and managed to break out of the 14’s, so now he thinks he’s king shit. Dont mind him, he’s a well known mental midget here on Pittspeed. He cooks up some tasty sandwiches though.


do you have a full machine shop in your basement? :ugh:

And no one has posted any proof that this kid had his car and its mods paid for by his parents. Even if he did, it doesnt fucking matter. If my parents would buy me a Supra, and give me money to make it fast, I’d do it too. If he came on here being cocky as a motherfucker, then I could understand… He made a few little comments, but if I was running 11’s @ 135, i’d be talking a little bit too.

Jealousy is a motherfucker.


i do :rolleyes: …doesnt everybody?




yeah but he does seem like a dick. i mean, you’re right about the taking the car and bragging about that sick time… but you have to add the caveat “my mom bought it for me… I KNOW I’M LUCKY… I’M NEW TAKE YOUR SHOTS” and then you let them jack you for a couple posts and then just win the arguement by posting your time and leaving.

from what i’ve read… he bought a 1/4 mile time. he’s the GWbush of racing


you guys can talk shit all you want…

but i know from experience… that when it comes down to actually racing shit heads like you… guess who falls out… you guys…

so when spring comes around… and all your shit talk comes back to you. and the time comes for you to get smoked.

more than likely you will pussy out, for some stupid reason… gaurenteed


i dont think so there son,we’ll wait for spring,have fun & good luck!:beer:


who gives a fuck … supras are so yesterday … ford is where its at nuggas :smiley:


ill race u come spring time… i wont pussy out if i loose i loose if i win, i win…i dont fucking care…racing is fun…to most of the ppl on this board…who the fuck cares if u run 11.03847213908168364283074 in ur fucking soupra…look some ppl have stock escorts that they r racing…its fun to us…where not on here to be the fastest then brag like a dcik about it…sooo STFU MOMMA’S BOY!!!