Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


nugga please…its all about the chebys now


then the bowtie falls off


and the blue ovel rolls down the hill :kekegay:


If I have slicks I will be waiting too homo…people on honda-tech ride your nuts no one here will wake up.

darkstar- no one likes you and get a real car


:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:


Darkstar shut the fuck up because u dont own anything fast and V8killer u wanna run lets go right know no excuses right fuckin now


read,his motors out!!=talk shit time! :smiley:


talking shit, without a car, isnt the smartest of things


Im sure we all could have a pittspeed help the mommy’s boy put his car back together then we can run there noexcuse lets go


U have no clue who u are dealing with son. go turn on your DVD player and finish watching fast n the furious or the real life of street racers on mtv… u r a internet bench racer fag… nuff said


it more like tumbles


I wish my mom would buy me a Cobra, and all of its parts

guess she doesn’t love me :frowning:


there it is… that post basically said “spring is for pussies, let’s do it” :hitit: i feel like a golf announcer… the crowd hushes… let’s wait for the response. :blue:


hahahahaha :blue:


you guys are all fuckin deuch bags. just because someone is fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family doesnt mean u can all run ur mouth. every car i bought was my own money, but i kno that if my rents could help me out and hook me up…id be all over it and so would all u fags. i drive a 13 second DSM and i dont have a lot of money to do what i want with it…but i wont bust someone elses balls for being fortunate and having a faster, nicer car than me. all u dudes are pusseys and i guarantee if u were around u wouldnt say a word to this dude, and i guarantee all of u, if in his situation would be doin the same shit. and i happen to kno the kid and hes more humble than most of our “less fortunate” friends, if u bitch ass losers have nothing bette rto do than bust on a 19 year old kid then i cant help but laugh and hope i never get that fucking pathetic.


yeah but only a nut swinger would brag about a car given to them. so go sodomize yourself you fucking dumbass noob. real men are proud of what they’ve done and appreciate what they’re given. read the prior 100 pages of useless posts and you’ll see neither. so shut the fuck up and know your role noob :hitit:


take a lick u fuckin puss.


oh, and the only reason im a noob is because im not a fuckin loser like you that just sit online and try and start shit with ppl just to do it.


you’re not funny, or intimidating


answer this: is it cool to start shit on a site when your car is not even drivable (1) and your mom bought it (2). cause that’s what it all comes down too. he’s pissin off guys that live for this shit and work like hell to get what they have.