Hahahahahaha the supra never loses

but on the weekends :greddy2:

no need, unless a danzel is in distress.


soup owners do have gay tendacies


but i mean, I would take a supra
but anyway n00b go make a post not here in the newb area

i guess if leaving you guys in the dust is considered a gay tendancies…

Roll Racing isn’t our specialty.

who’s you guys anyhow :confused:

ah i think i meet you before … If thats ur car in that picture

i understand, your make your cars to go from the stop and only go 1/4 mile, and wouldnt have a chance in hell on the street

buts thats ok , i can play that game too

whoa you didnt need to go that far i mean shyt… :wtf:

i think what i said is deserving to :

not to be a ass but show a slip


V8 ( left ) Single turbo supra ( right )

anything more than a 1/4 mile is a waste of time and gas.

ill get you a slip…

best to date: 11.0 @ 135 … with alot of room for improvement… that was the same run that my clutch destroyed itself. that was with only a 1.8 60’ time…

cant see shit… there are turbo supras, with small ass turbos that you guys could kill no problem… but then there are other ones…

shit you want to run a blazer?

:zzz: you lose at the funny. I’m done with thread :zzz:

you mean a f-body?

RICER!!! u need to stfu v8killer b/c u wouldnt even touch 8.1’s camaro…and about the finical thing…fuck that…every car i owned…and everything put on that car…was buy myself…working to get cash!!! not mommy mommy look that car was in the fast and gayer!!! can u buy me it soo i can roll race kids on the highway!!! PLEASE!!!