Happy Holiday Plans, Specs, and Elevations

You people in the engineering/construction field will like this.

That is pretty good! :smiley:

LMAO! Thats awesome… But where was this when trying to explain to my dad how to put up the tree… And around the office the link goes…

HAHA, I even plotted it on a standardized PennDOT sheet and will hang it up shortly, :rofl:

I need to print that out at work and distribute.

It needs an addendum for removal of tree and osha compliance during construction. Temporary construction entrances through kitchen into living/dining room?

What kind of bonding/insurance does the contractor need in case of falling over and crashing into the entertainment center?

HAHA yeah… I did the same thing… People are walking in my office give me that look like I just got done smokin somethin …

I put our logo on the sheet instead of the one thats there and hung it up beside the plotter… not even a chuckle yet. One lady did say she saw it before, so I am assuming its old anyways. it was still hilarious to me

Tell her that you’ve seen her before too, but you still laugh at her every day. :smiley: